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While I may get temporarily distracted by leopard and watermelon prints, stripes and polka dots will always hold top billing in my books. Luckily everybody else seems to be on board because spots and stripes are pretty much everywhere you look at the moment. Insert blessed emoji here. Of course one of the first things I did when my home internet plan was reset for the month and I was reunited with a fast broadband connection was to do some online window shopping (seriously that week or so of super slow internet was torturous – serves me right for binge watching Scandal online). These are just a few striped and spotted pieces that I have been eyeing off recently.

Shop: Fruit Salad

Wearing your favourite fruit seems to be the way to go right now. And I’m not talking about watermelon and mango stains down the front of your shirt. Gorman’s most recent collection saw an array of watermelon and pineapple prints on everything from dresses to bikinis, and Australia’s purveyor of pyjamas Peter Alexander has recently released a collection brimming with tropical inspiration. Throw in some Holly Ryan, Lucy Folk and Chip Chop pieces and you’ve got yourself a bonafide fashion fruit salad. These are just a few tutti frutti pieces that have caught my eye lately.

Clockwise-ish from left:
Gorman pink melon tank (currently on sale, along with a range of other pieces from the collection)
Chip Chop watermelon clutch (also check out Peter Alexander for a watermelon cosmetics case)

falconwright eyeball print clutches

Ever since seeing the Falconwright Fall/Winter 2013 campaign on Anabela’s blog, I’ve been obsessing over their eyeball print clutches and card wallets. Thanks to designers like Kenzo, eyeball prints seem to be having a bit of a fashion moment right now and these pouches are a fun way to get in on the eyeball action. I think I’ll be adding one of these Falconwright goodies to my list of things I’ll be buying myself for Christmas.

Shop Falconwright: here
See the rest of the campaign: here

[Campaign image: Anabela Piersol; Product images: Falconwright]

not your average camera bags

I recently bought a new camera and have been looking for a nice camera bag to house it in. I currently use those black foamy camera bags which are pretty generic and not very nice to look at. A quick ask around on Twitter led me to ONA Bags and can I just say that they make some of the loveliest bags full stop. Grafea also makes some quality looking camera bags in colourful and classic styles. A further Etsy search brought up a range of results, and some more affordable ones at that. These are my top picks of camera bags around the net at the moment. If you’ve got any recommendations feel free to pop them in the comments!
Clockwise from top:

leopard print as a neutral

A few posts back I broached the idea of leopard print as a neutral. And if the comments on that post were anything to go by then it seems that quite a few of you feel exactly the same way as I do about this feline print. So today I bring to you the leopard print edit: all of the leopard print, all of the time. 

Clockwise-ish from left:
Stella McCartney leopard print sunglasses
Topshop leopard print tee
Topshop leopard print bikini
A.P.C. leopard print skirt
Jeffrey Campbell leopard print boots
3.1 Phillip Lim leopard print pouch
Gorman ‘Bengal Bandit’ pants

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