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gorman: winter 2011 video lookbook

Still loving this Gorman collection sick. So much so that I am doing two posts on it in a row. I present to you the Gorman Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook video. Pretty clothes! Polka dot bicycles! Seaside settings! Spellbinding music! Did I mention there’s a polka dot bicycle? A POLKA DOT FREAKING BICYCLE. Just watch it, seriously.
Source: Sesame Media via vimeo (click for full credits)

watch: arabella ramsay’s alice

I know I’ve already mentioned the A/W collection by Australian designer Arabella Ramsay before (see: here), but I couldn’t resist posting this short film based around the same collection. It was one of several short films that premiered last week as part of the No Home film + fashion project. This particular film focuses on two Arabella Ramsay-clad girls, in exile, as they venture through the Australian landscape; headed to The Alice. The narrative is fairly straightforward and there’s a bit of a spooky ending to boot. You can view more short films from a range of different fashion labels over on the No Home website. I’d recommend the ones by Above, Alchemy, and Beat Poet.
In other news, I now have twitter. It’s taken me a while, but after originally intending to never ever have one, I have fallen victim to the Zeitgeist. It would be great if you could all show me the ropes and let me know who’s worthwhile following, or let me know your twitter accounts so I can have a looksy. You can say hi to me over at @owlvdove!

watch: bassike, gabby applegate, rodarte

Bassike Autumn Winter 2011 / The Australian Designer
Gabby Applegate Spring 2011 / The Up and Coming Designer
Rodarte ‘The Curve of Forgotten Things’ / The Luxury Designer Brand
Three different brands, three different film campaigns. It seems that these days every collection is accompanied by a film of some sort. I’m not complaining. I love how films provide a more rounded vision of the artistic direction of a collection. These are just a few that I’ve been mulling over. I’m sure many of you would have already seen the Rodarte one. In any case, I think it’s worth multiple watches. The Gabby Applegate lookbook shows that young designers can do it just as well as the rest. The Bassike one makes me want to spin in circles on the beach or float in the waves (while retaining a certain sense of melancholy, of course). Which is what I’d rather be doing right now because it’s stinking hot and I can’t handle being inside with no air conditioning. Instead I’m going to lie outside in a hammock (whoever invented the hammock is a genius) and try to catch a cool breeze. The perfect way to end the weekend, no?