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wearing: pink and pleats

All thrifted. The skirt used to be a strappy shift-style dress that was about seven sizes too small but I chopped the top off and turned it into a skirt. Huzzah! It’s actually a bit more of a green colour in real life, but my camera didn’t pick it up too well.

the thrift exchange: pleats

Remember the Thrift Exchange? Don’t worry, it’s not finished, we’ve just been on hiatus for a bit. Well, I have anyway, Jaharn posted her outfit a while ago. Our last theme was ‘ pleats’ and I received this in the post just before I went overseas. It was quite well timed actually, as only a few weeks earlier I had lamented the death of my other black pleated skirt. Anyway, since getting back, I seem to have lost my pleated/midi skirt mojo. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. You’d think styling a black pleated skirt would be simple, but I was having some difficulties. So I decided to focus on colour instead. I’m loving deep reds and tans, and I think this colour combination is perfect for autumn/winter. While usually I’d wear this outfit with ballet flats, I think that a pair of lace up boots is an ideal way to tone down the librarian-ness of it all.
Also, in case you missed it (I know I nearly did), while I was away we launched the Thrift Exchange website. What this means is that now everyone can take part in the fun! While Jaharn and I have only two challenges left to go before we finish, we’ve passed the baton on to Brooke from re:new Vintage and Robyn from Twitch Vintage. So be sure to check out their sites to see what they get up to. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they put their own spin on the Thrift Exchange.

us v them: the chartreuse dress

Meet my chartreuse dress. I picked it up at a Salvos store a while ago now. I first noticed it on the “Retro” rack that the store had put up (obviously getting savvy to the whole “vintage” thing). For some reason or another I never ended up buying it. Then I see this ‘Luxe Utility’ dress from Shakuhachi (it’s doesn’t seem to be available on their online store anymore). Cue the holy-crap-I-should-have-bought-that-dress-from-Salvos thoughts. Anyway, I went back a few weeks later hoping, praying that the dress would still be there. The Retro rack was gone. I was disheartened. Then as I was rifling through the racks I came across a sliver of chartreuse material. Behold! It was the dress. They had simply dismantled the Retro rack and placed everything back to normal. $18 thrifted dress vs. $200ish Shakuhachi dress… and the winner is?
Images: mine, shakuhachi

the thrift exchange: theme #5

Hallelujah! Blogger is finally back in action. Which means I can post the next theme for The Thrift Exchange challenge. Dun dun dun…
It’ll be interesting to see what Jaharn and I come up with for this particular challenge. Hopefully this theme will be much kinder to me than the last one (pleats). It definitely became a case of once you start looking for something you can’t find it ANYWHERE. You may already have noticed that I love a bit of pastel action, but this was purely a coincidence, I swear! I was secretly gunning for leather. Shhh. Anyway, it’s sunshiney outside so I am off to the beach soon. In Autumn? YES. Although I might skip on the swimming bit. Even if it is all blue skies and sun, the water is still probably freezing cold. Hope everyone has an excellent weekend!
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