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look, no pastels!

So the weather is cooling down and the mornings and evenings are getting chilly, but I still refuse to wear tights. I’m too busy grasping at whatever warm weather we have left (which, when it reaches about 10am, is quite a lot actually). I’m also grasping at getting as much wear out of this skirt as I can before it inevitably falls to pieces. It’s starting to look a bit worse for wear. Sad face. What AREN’T looking worse for wear are these Ash ankle boots that I scored from my-wardrobe.com. Happy face. I still like to wear them with nearly everything. Usually I find it hard to pair midi length skirts with ankle boots for fear of making my legs look stumpy, but these boots are perfect. I think it has to do with the dippy bit at the front. Yes, dippy bit. Check out my grasp of the English language yo.