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lomo luggage

Remember this old suitcase I picked up on an op-shopping adventure a few months ago? Well, after a bit of head-scratching as to what its purpose would be, I decided that it would make a nice home for my Lomo cameras (as you can see, I’m one of those people that likes to keep everything in their original packaging). I’ve nearly finished the film on my Diana Mini (Byron Bay, random adventures) so I’ll have take a few quick snaps so I can get that developed. I also took my Canon film camera to Oktoberfest, but only got half way through the roll. Hopefully I’ll finish it next weekend, so you can all see pictures of me demolishing a giant pretzel (with the help of my friends of course), drinking out of steins, and looking like a drowned rat after trekking through the rain.

paper cranes

Yes, I like making paper cranes. And then taking photos of them. These were taken on my Holga and Supersampler. There’s some weird multiple exposure stuff happening in the Holga ones. I can’t believe I managed three exposures in the first frame. I thought it would have ended up waaaaaaaaay overexposed.

sail away

You may have noticed that all my latest supersampler photos look a bit scratchy. The white specks are actually bits of dust. I scanned them in during the day of an epic dust storm, so dust was finding its way onto everything. And now I’m too lazy to re-scan them. Oh well. The first photo is from an expedition to the bayside and the last two are from one morning when a hot air balloon flew over our house. We get a lot of hot-air balloons coming over our house in the mornings during Autumn/Winter (or whenever hot-air ballooning season is) because they land in the park a few blocks away.

jump up jump up and get down

Look at this one from right to left. Then it makes sense.

I love my Supersampler because it gives me and my friends a good excuse to jump around and do crazy things. Actually, come to think of it, as if we ever need an excuse. The first two photos are from where the film was bit overexposed due to opening the back of the camera while the film was still in. But I quite like the effect that the light leak has given them, so I guess in the end it all worked out for the best!
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