if dark is one then bright is two

Phoenix – Consolation Prizes

No reason for posting this other than that I just freakin love Phoenix. This song is probably one of my favourites. It never fails to get me up and dancing. And dancing is what I’ll be doing a lot of tomorrow night when I get to see them live. Finally. Jealous? You should be. I can’t really convey how excited I am in the space of a single post, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

P.S. Don’t you hate it when Youtube is all “Embedding disabled by request”? It makes life just that little bit more difficult.

a community service announcement

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement

I find that this song has both a calming and motivating effect on me. Strange combination, I know. Jonathan Boulet’s laidback vocals are perfect to chill out to, but the uplifting beat makes me want to get up and dance. Either way it is still a pretty sweet tune for a Sunday afternoon.

harmony to my heartbeat

Sally Seltmann – Harmony to my Heartbeat.

Thought that this would be a nice tune to post on Valentine’s day.

Also, for those taking notice, it’s the third week in a row that I’ve posted a film clip that features balloons. I’m like a moth to a light.

And finally, can someone please invite me to a party like the one above? Pretty please?

you’ve got the love

Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got the Love

A week and a bit after Laneway Festival and I’m still in a post-Florence & The Machine love fest. I keep listening to the album but it just doesn’t compare to seeing them live. I like this film clip because of all the sparkliness. Plus there’s a scene with balloons. That’s a winning combination if I ever saw one.

hungry kids of hungary won’t let you down

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Let You Down

Catchy indie-pop tunes will always have my heart. Balloons in film clips are always a winner too. For all you Brisbane-ites, you may notice The Story Bridge in the background. Because this clip was shot on top of the Chinatown parking station. I love how they made it look not seedy and dirty. Balloons fix everything, really. Now what are you waiting for? Turn up the volume and get dancing!
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