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travel photos: berlin

After a short stay in Prague, it was off to Berlin where I had planned to stay with a friend. After a bit of miscommunication, phones running out of credit, and a rude introduction to the U-Bahn  – we met at what I later learnt was one of the more notoriously dangerous stations – we made it back to her apartment in one piece. Unfortunately she was leaving for the weekend and wouldn’t be able to guide us around Berlin, but she left a more than comprehensive insider’s guide to the city (read: a jam-packed A4 piece of paper covered in barely legible notes). So when I wasn’t off visiting famous monuments such as the East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag; I was living like a local in Neukölln. Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos of the ‘local’ stuff because I felt like a bit of a dork whipping out my camera while everyone was going about their day-to-day business. There were a lot of missed photo opportunities but I’m not too fussed – you can’t capture every moment. Below are a few places to check out if you’re ever in Berlin. These were the ones I actually remembered. There were a lot of other places that I forgot to take note of. Like the slightly derelict garden that was home to a double decker bus and cafe. Or the bar I went to on a Monday night with the cool decor and cheap beers. Travelling fail, I know.

Noewkolln Flea Markets which are on the third Sunday of each month. We timed that one pretty well. If I actually had room in my backpack I would have gone crazy buying stuff.
Hamy Cafe for amazing and cheap Vietnamese food and fresh fruit smoothies. The daily offers are always under 5€ and they are big serves too.
White Trash Fast Food for finger licking good (and slightly greasy) food. They also make a mean vodka and freshly squeezed lemonade. And vodka and freshly squeezed orange juice. And really strong Old Fashioneds. They even played Edward Scissor Hands on the TV at the bar! I really liked this place, in case you couldn’t already tell.
– Cinema Cafe and the adjacent alleyway (Rosenthaler Straße 39). Make sure to follow the alleyway to the very end and go up the graffiti’d staircase where you’ll find a cool bookshop. Very underground. Very Berlin. Although much to the chagrin of my friend, who is a Berlin local, even this is now apparently too touristy. I found that comment a bit ironic considering the circumstances. The shopping in this district is pretty good too.

I seriously could have spent weeks and weeks exploring Berlin. What was initially going to be a three night stay ended up lasting nearly a week. That’s how much I loved this place!

photos: wild things and purple blocks

Purple Rectangles
I realised I had a bunch of photos on my flickr that I never ended up sharing here. These photos are from earlier on in the year. A rainy day spent antiquing (although I didn’t buy anything so I guess it just counts as window shopping) and hanging out in a part of town that I don’t usually hang out in. I love me some Where The Wild Things Are so I definitely had to snap a pic of the Max street art. It’s on the wall of a cafe, apparently. But it was closed when I was there and I didn’t catch the name of it. The purple thing is actually an exhaust for a major tunnel. They are quite polarising and opinion-dividing. Some people like them while others think they are ugly. I like the purple one but don’t like the matching red one. I guess that puts me in neutral territory.