Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

Like many people these days, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the impact that excessive human consumption has on the planet. When it comes to the home, there are many things that I’ve changed over the past couple of years to create a more eco-friendly environment. These include switching out plastics for glass or stainless steel alternatives, choosing sustainable materials, and cutting down and becoming more aware of the types of chemicals I introduce into the home. Luckily, these days, there are plenty of places that make it easy to find and shop for eco-friendly products. These are just some eco-friendly items that I either already use or am looking to use in the future, all of which can be found on the Biome website.

Clockwise-ish from top left:
– Redecker olive wood salad servers
Keep Cup brew reusable coffee cup: I use my Keep Cup all the time, not only at home but out and about.
– Camphor Laurel cutting board
– Ball mason jars: so they’ve gotten a bad rep as being a hipster cliche, but they’re still pretty useful around the home
– Tin of twine jute: for use around the house and garden but mostly for decorative gift wrapping 😉
– Redecker wooden clothes pegs
– Hessian sack with tassels
– The Environmental Toothbrush
– Little Veggie Patch Co heirloom seeds
– Stainless steel straws

This post is in partnership with Biome, a fantastic Brisbane-based company.

Love: Linen Quilt Covers

Let’s talk about quilt covers. Linen quilt covers in particular. I currently have one adorning my bed and cannot speak highly enough of it. Is adulthood defined by an increasing love of homewares? Because that’s pretty much been my experience over the past couple of years (which isn’t saying much to be honest). What I love about linen covers is that they age beautifully and become softer with each wash. They’re perfect for creating that inviting, lived-in look. While my quilt cover is one I bought on a whim on sale at Target a while ago, I’ve been scouring the internet for more linen goods. These linen quilt covers are topping the list.

Pure linen quilt cover from I Love Linen
Duvet and pillow case set from Scottie Store
Linen duvet cover from CULTIVER
Linen duvet cover from IN BED Store
Linen quilt set from In The Sac
Blind & Fold linen quilt from Mr Kitly

The Black Dress Edit

Black dresses. They’re a wardrobe staple, right? Funnily enough, despite the amount of black in my wardrobe (tops, skirts, jackets, jeans etc.), I don’t currently own any black dresses. I may have owned some the past but in most cases would have bought them on the spur of the moment and worn them once or twice before eventually culling them. So now I’m looking to fill that gap in my wardrobe. These are a few black dresses from some fab Antipodean brands that I’d be more than happy to have on high rotation in my wardrobe. You can click on the images above or links below to shop the pieces.

Kinki Gerlinki ‘Bossy’ dress
APOM ‘The Lotta’ dress
Soot pleated swing dress

Carry On

I’m heading down to Sydney for a long-ish weekend in April, and as such am only bringing carry on luggage*. Finding the right carry on bag is always tricky for me and the last time I travelled I used a large bowler-style bag. However, this time I’m thinking of sticking to a backpack like the Kånken backpack from Fjällräven. It’s roomy enough to fit a few changes of clothes and light toiletries without being cumbersome to carry. I’m heading down for an engagement party so will need at least one dressy outfit but for the rest of my stay I’ll largely be wearing casual tops/jeans/skirts. It’s a given that I’ll be wearing bulkier things like jackets and boots on the plane, leaving room in my carry on for lighter objects. I’m terrible at packing light and have enough trouble deciding how many cameras to bring (I’m thinking of leaving the DSLR at home but argh!) so this will definitely be an exercise in restraint. Apart from things like clothes, tickets, and personal effects, these are a few of my travelling essentials.
– A sturdy carry on bag with zip closures. The more compartments the better.
Film camera. I always try and take one film camera with me, in addition to my iPhone 6 and/or a digital camera.
The Horse Watch. I always wear a wristwatch when travelling. Obviously so I can keep track of the time but also because it can be pretty annoying having to constantly fish your phone out to check the time.
Side bag. So I can keep the important stuff like my wallet, phone, tickets etc. on me at all times.
Travel-sized toiletries. One of my favourite parts of travelling is buying all of the miniature things.
– Socks. Because bare feet on planes/trains/buses are gross.
– Headphones. There’s nothing worse than having time to kill and realising you don’t have any headphones to plug into your phone/tablet/laptop.
Pouch. It’s always handy to have something to store loose items in. This one really speaks to me because it’s pretty much the only way I can get on a plane. I’m not super anxious about flying and I always enjoy the view but at the end of the day it’s just not my favourite thing to do.
– Not pictured: patience. Sometimes everything goes to plan. Sometimes it doesn’t. Stressing out doesn’t help so you might as well just sit back and try to enjoy the ride.
*That said, I made sure that my return flight includes checked baggage just in case I decide to buy all of the things.

Hanging Planters for the Home

Right now I’m all about hanging planters. Now, they might not be so practical for someone who’s had a lifelong tendency to bump their head on anything and everything (the struggle is real you guys) but they sure do a good job of sprucing up a space. These are just a few pretty pieces I’ve spotted both in real life (hello Patterson + Steele moon pot at the Finders Keepers Markets) and online. Click on the images above or links below to shop the items directly.

2. Vessel and Vine Cement Marbled Hanging Planter (I already own one of their cone planters which you can see in this post)
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