rafw day five

This the last of the RAFW posts. Gosh, this has been an effort and a half. Normal programming will resume soon, haha.

Definitely the stand out collection of the day. Loved the silhouettes of some of the garments. The shattered geometric prints were definitely my favourite parts of this collection.
A ‘frou frou farm girl’ is how I would best describe the SS11 Miss Unkon girl. The collection featured lots of frills and spills, offset with some down to earth florals. Solid.
Lots of neutrals, lots of sheer fabrics. Seems to be the winning combination this year. A good mixture of sweet and not-so-sweet pieces. I really like the sheer hooded jackets and the gingham numbers.
Umm… so I couldn’t find eight outfits from the Ksubi show that I really liked. I guess I’m just not really ‘into’ the Ksubi aesthetic. Anyway, this was the final show of RAFW, so I though I should at least mention it. Ksubi’s big comeback or whatever. Good on them.
Images: vogue, designer direction, zimbio

rafw day four

Compared to my previous RAFW posts, this one isn’t as massive. I don’t know whether it was because I lost enthusiasm, got lazy, or if nothing really inspired me this day. Anyway, click below to see what did make the cut!

Loved the twisting and draping in some of the dresses. This collection was definitely lighter and softer than his previous year’s collection. Also, the garments with prints of Rorschach inkblots were just incredible. The only bone I have to pick is with the shadows interfering with the garments haha.

Lots of bright prints, lots of mesh, lots of little black dresses. Fun party clothes to dance the night away in, basically.
Images: vogue, zimbio

rafw day three

Lots of pastels and pink (helloooo polka-dotted suit!) make for a very girly SS11 collection from Karla Spetic. It seemed that nearly every collection showing at RAFW this year incorporated digital prints into their collection somehow. Here, Spetic used prints of the outback to adorn her garments.
Jayson Brundson sticks to his trademark ladylike aesthetic for SS11. A gelato-inspired colour palette teamed with lots of white is the perfect remedy for those balmy summer days. The pastel accents and accessories complement the crisp whites perfectly. The stripey shift dressreminds me of neopolitan ice cream (again with the food references). Yum!

I’m digging the retro resort vibe from Anna & Boy’s SS11 collection. The inner nanna in me so desperately wants one of those floral swimming caps/hats. Now excuse me while sip on some pina coladas and find a pool to lounge by.

You can always trust RWB to bring the crazy. In a good way, of course. This collection was titled ‘Renaissance Dinosaurs’. A nonsensical name for an equally nonsenscial collection. You’ve got to hand it to these guys for originality and creativity. Definitely fashion as art.

Images: vogue

rafw day two

Another massive fashion week post. Less writing this time though. I am lazy. Basically, if it’s in this post, I like it.


The tan leather pieces are very Celine ‘inspired’. The leather shorts look as if they are a really nice cut. I’m loving the gelato colour palette. Also, I’m wondering if any of the pieces are actually made out of flannel?


I couldn’t cut it down to just eight pieces. The suede pieces look really nice. I’ll also condone the wearing of a cowboy/girl hat.


Lots of black and white. Nifty asymmetrical cut pieces. If I were to pick one cliched word to describe this collection, it would be ‘edgy’.


No Balmain-esque shoulders in sight this season for C&M. Lots of draping and pastels though, in keeping with spring/summer trends.


Digital prints a-plenty. Wasn’t too keen on some of the print mixing/matching/clashing. The cut-out/cage dresses were pretty interesting, although I’m not entirely sold on them yet.


Another collection that featured a lot of black. The face-fulls of glitter more than made up for that. The runway looked pretty spectacular. Apparently they streamed this show live. I didn’t see it. I was out being social and stuff.

Stay tuned for Day 3, 4 and 5 wrap ups later this weekend.

Images: vogue, zimbio