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instagram diaries: end of summer

Music festivals, beach trips, and spectacular sunsets signalling the end of summer. This is also one of those lazy posts where I group together some Instagram photos and parade it around as a real blog post. My bad.

1. Dancing in the rain to New Order at Future Music Festival. Definite life highlight.
2. Friendly Fires at Future. Funnest set. Even if I did get mud kicked on me.
3, 4. Nature putting on a show.
5. Making the most of the sunshine before the rain set in.
6. Golden Gaytime ice creams at the beach. An Aussie tradition.

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instagram diaries

Stuff that’s been happening the past couple of weeks, as told via my phone
1 & 2 – My Australia Day fruit platter + the aftermath
3 & 4 – Seeing Matisse ‘Up Late’ at GoMA + pretty lanterns above the bar
5 & 6 – Making things

I feel like all the photos I end up ‘liking’ on Instagram are of food and cats. Is anyone else the same? I wish I could give back the love but a) I’m not used to taking photos of my meals when I’m out and b) I don’t own a cat. But I do own a cat phone case now! As evidenced by the shadow in photo 3. Baby steps…

instagram diaries: gran’s

I went to visit my gran the other day. Two things I love about my gran’s place: the garden and the bookshelves. These are just a few snaps I took on le trusty iPhone. Check out the date on the Art Journal. Ancient! The set of Charles Dickens novels used to belong to my great-grandma, which she received when she was a child. They’re about 100 years old too. The books are a history lesson in themselves. The garden is overgrown and full of nooks and crannies. Just the way I like it.

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travel photos: bits’n’pieces

These are just a few photos that didn’t really fit into any other posts. This will probably be the last of the travel posts – or until I get my last roll of Diana film developed, anyway. After Berlin it was back to London for a few more days before heading home. The extra time in London was spent catching a few more sights that I missed the first time round as well as doubling up on old favourites such as the Camden Markets and the V&A Museum. Although, when I got back home I realised I had missed something monumental (to me, anyway), and that was a trip to Liberty! Cue facepalm. The first photo is actually of a little courtyard in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Isn’t it adorable? I want to call it home!

are you on instagram?

Life looks so much prettier in Instagram. I’m not going to lie, this app was a major factor in my finally purchasing an iPhone. These are just a few photos I’ve taken since signing up. Are you on Instagram? Leave your username in the comments if you are – I’d love to check out all of your photos. For the record, my username is owlvdove.

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