big day out 2011

Main stages
Orange stage
Blue stageLupe Fiasco
Classic KarlFisheye!
BDO houseMatt and Kim @ Lilyworld
Pre - LCD SoundsystemOld mate
Happy Australia Day! I thought I’d celebrate with a post on one of the most Aussie rites of passage out there – Big Day Out! These are from my Gold Coast Big Day Out adventures over the weekend. Until recently, I thought I had grown out of this festival. Not so. It was possibly one of the funnest Big Day Outs I’ve been too. It may have had something to do with the fact that I had more time to explore and chill out, rather than the usual scenario of rushing desperately between stages. Highlights of the day included Crystal Castles (Alice Glass performed with a broken ankle – what a champion!), Matt and Kim (they were so awesome that a whole post will be dedicated to their set soon), Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros (only caught the end of the set but I loved my life dancing around like a maniac to Home), and LCD Soundsystem. Notable mentions also go to Lupe Fiasco, Deftones, Iggy and The Stooges (Iggy, you are one crazy mofo), and M.I.A. If you’re in Sydney and going to Big Day Out today, have fun! I wish I was going again!

film photos: after the rain

Fenced flowers
Feet/After the rain
Some end-of-roll photos. You know, those ones where you go around snapping miscellaneous objects just to finish off the film? I’ve grown up with my dad calling them end-of-film-dog-photos. Mine are always a case of end-of-film-feet-photos. I took these one afternoon after an epic bout of torrential rain. I think they’ve got a certain moodiness about them, but I don’t know, maybe that’s just what I want to see. I’m always admiring those who can capture and and evoke certain moods with their photographs. You know, those ones where you take one look and you just get overcome with feeling. You don’t exactly have to know what feeling it is, but it’s there. Does anyone else know what I’m on about? Maybe all this babbling is the result of my morning caffeine hit. I think so.

after hours

When I saw this editorial, shot by Lina Scheynius for UK Vogue, I knew I just had to post it. I’m a big fan of Scheynius’s work and find her commitment to film photography quite admirable. I haven’t been posting many editorials of late, mostly because none have really caught my attention. Until this one of course. I think the rawness of the film photography, coupled with Scheynius’s eye for detail, is what ultimately spoke to me. That and the lush retro furniture. Quick, someone, tell me where can I get myself one of those giant pink chairs?

Vogue UK (November 2010)
Editorial: After Hours | Photography: Lina Scheynius | Styling: Bay Garnett | Model: Jessica Stam
Images: fred&associates via noirfacade


Got back from Byron Bay on Monday. It rained the entire time we were there. No sunshine, no beach. Boo. Instead the weekend included lots of hanging out in our apartment (which was amazing*), learning the art of dancing from the boys (it’s all about the windmill), dancing on tabletops at Cheeky Monkeys (and jugs of free beer to boot – win!), margarita cravings, margarita cravings being fulfilled, the worst pizza ever (jalapeño), day tripping to Nimbin (and what can only be described as the worst Sunday drive ever), and not much time spent hanging out in Byron at all. Which kind of defeated the purpose of going down in the first place. Anyway, I didn’t take many photos and the ones I did take are pretty shocking. They shouldn’t ever see the light of day. Instead here’s one I took of some tidbits I picked up in Nimbin. Apparently there is a good crystal/gemstone shop in Byron, but I didn’t get time to check it out. All the more reason to plan a return trip, right?
*Butter Factory Apartments. Highly recommended.
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