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drawings & petals

I drew some stuff. Then took photos of it. But not before destroying some perfectly good flowers in the process. Trying to get the hang of watercolours. This time I’m using a proper watercolour pad. Hopefully this will garner better results than previous (mostly failed) attempts. Going to scan them and add to my tumblr later.

the frankie covergirl project

Pencil on paper, digital edit
I think I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. Please excuse me if I am a bit absent the next few days, or alternatively, if I just start posting a whole bunch of inanity. In the meantime, if you’ve been following me on tumblr, you may have noticed that my latest project of sorts is to illustrate a whole bunch of frankie cover girls. Such is my adoration for this magazine. So if I’m absent here, hop on over there, where I’ll be posting images regularly. Cheers!


Pencil on paper, digital edit.
I haven’t been posting many drawings lately, but I did a whole heap over the weekend and have resolved to update my tumblr more frequently with illustrations. The above was inspired by an editorial from the April/May issue of Russh. Because, really, who doesn’t love those Alexander Wang sunglasses? (If you answer with a “me” or “I don’t” then all I have to say to you is: whhhaaaaaat?)
ETA: Be sure to head over to Hello I’m Analog, where one of my photos is being featured. You can also submit your own to be posted. A whole blog dedicated to analogue photography? Heaven!

chic surrealism

Pencil on paper.

Here’s a not so recent sketch I did. If it looks familiar, it’s because I styled it on an old Dazed & Confused editorial. With Abbey Lee wearing all that Dolce & Gabbana. From the June 2009 issue – the one with Gaspard Ulliel on the cover. I think I may add a little colour to this in Photoshop later on. If I do, I’ll most likely publish the end result on Tumblr. I’ve also been browsing the latest Haute Couture shows, which I think will be a solid source of inspiration for future sketches. Stay tuned!
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