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reliving the dream

Miss Shop cardigan, Cotton On shirt dress, Sportsgirl belt

I picked up my Splendour films today. I’m scanning them in as we speak (minus one missing disposable camera and my Diana Mini film, which is not yet finished). In the meantime, have a look at these YouTube clips of The Strokes performing at Splendour. I was up in the mosh, (or as Julian referred to it, the “cauldron of humanity”) somewhere on the right side of the stage, absolutely losing my shit (for lack of a better term). Take me back to this moment, please!

Take It Or Leave It was the closer. Thank you dbryar for your superior filming abilities.

This is probably a more accurate depiction of what it was like in the mosh. Absolutely nuts. Via mulhezza@YouTube.

wishful thinking

This is a post dedicated to what I would like to be wearing to Splendour in the Grass this year (if I knew how to make money grow on trees and was not averse to wearing expensive clothes in the mud).

Outfit #1

It’s the age old festival dilemma: what to wear. The brief: attire for three days of festival and camping madness. Outfits need to take into consideration the temperamental winter weather. Think frosty mornings, warm and sunny days, and freezing cold nights. Layering is therefore a must. Pockets would also come in handy. In saying all of this however, outfits mustn’t be too fussy and, seeing as we are at a festival, should allow for maximum dance-age and movement.

Imaginary Outfits #2 and #3, item links, and image credits can be found after the jump.

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

This has been somewhat therapeutic. And only slightly depressing. On the bright side, at least now I have some styling inspiration to work with. So far I only own the shoes in Outfit #1 and the jeans. The sunglasses in Outfit #3 are on their way to me now. Not much to work with, but better than nothing I suppose. If anyone would like to buy me the Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony shorts (Outfit #3) I’d be most appreciative.

Also note that in the case of it raining for the entire festival, it doesn’t really matter what you wear because it will just be a sea of ponchos and gumboots. Or you’ll be soaking wet and look like crap anyway. Fun!

Outfit #1
Inspiration: TV “Nothing but Flowers” lookbook
1. Charles Anastase X Linda Farrow wayfarer | 2. Sportsgirl printed jasmine sling | 3. Opening Ceremony fringe sweater | 4. Cheap Monday black jeans | 5. Topshop knot tassel scarf | 6. Asos ski hook boots | 7. Topshop slinky ankle socks | 8. Sophomore u-neck tee.

Outfit #2
Inspiration: Alexa Chung for Madewell lookbook
1. Sophomore button pullover | 2. Linda Farrow luxe sunglasses | 3. Agent 99 felt hat | 4. Rachel Comey fisherman’s tank | 5. R13 wrinkle flannel shirt | 6. Provensen boots | 7. Sportsgirl bag | 8. Cheap Monday jeans.

Outfit #3
Inspiration: Arabella Ramsay “Nomadic Intellect” lookbook
1. Topshop vintage rose ‘snood’ | 2. Urban Outfitters sunglasses | 3. Sportsgirl canvas pouch bag| 4. Sportsgirl jersey hobo gloves | 5. Topshop slinky ankle socks | 6. Sportsgirl lace-me jacket | 7. Strummer boots | 8. Topshop lace over the knee socks | 9. Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony deep pleat shorts | 10. T by Alexander Wang Football crop sweater.

laneway love

This is what I wore to Laneway yesterday. I picked up this ‘One Way’ playsuit at an el cheapo store for an el cheapo price. It was fate, really, because the previous day I was shopping with a friend and we saw a polka-dot dress. I decided against buying it. We then agreed that a polka-dot playsuit would be just that little bit more awesome. Lo and behold, what do I find the next day? Yes, I firmly believe it was fate. The bag is from Sportsgirl and it’s my festival bag.

Speaking of festivals, Laneway was tops. Despite being rained out for most of the afternoon. Last Dinosaurs were a fun start to the afternoon. Listened to Whitley in the rain. His on stage banter made me think ‘”well he’s a bit of a jerk”. But his songs more than make up for it. Saw a bit of The Middle East, but then left for Wild Beasts. And food. Mumford & Sons were fantastic live. They sure do love a hoe-down. I missed The XX (too much love for Sarah Blasko). But the night definitely belonged to Florence + The Machine. Amazing. Seriously. Amazing. New girl crush for sure. Stopped by N.A.S.A. right at the end. Just in time to see some dancing aliens. Definitely a bizarre end to the night.

I took my Diana but the rain/being undercover/it was mostly a night time festival meant a lack of photos.

Oh, and Totally Delicious Pizza. You were totally delicious. Thank you for being my dinner.

sunset sounds day two

John Steel Singers

John Steel Singers, King Khan & The Shrines, Lisa Mitchell, Grizzly Bear, Sarah Blasko, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It made for a pretty epic Day Two. Click the link below to see more photos taken on my Holga.

John Steel Singers. Wearing horse heads. Sexy.

King Khan & The Shrines. In the paper they described him as being a cross between James Brown and Iggy Pop. You read that, and it’s pretty hard to comprehend, but then you see him and it all makes sense.

It looks like I’m applying lipstick to my chin. But I’m not. Also, applying lipstick without a mirror was a brave decision on my part. Especially red lipstick. But my Lancome lipstick is more like a really really red gloss, so it’s not all scary. Moral of the story? None, really.

Lisa Mitchell. Dusk + no camera flash = sub par photos. But she was way cute. And was wearing a killer red dress. Click the photo to enlarge.

Grizzly Bear. Of course, the only semi-decent photo had to be of the drum kit. With no drummer. In the second photo, if you squint, you can kind of see one of the band members. I need a better system for night shots. Obviously my flash sucks. Despite the crappy photos, they were AMAZING. Magical, almost. The super long sound check and late start was so worth it. Also, props to the girl in the crowd with the Lomo fisheye. We had mad Lomo chats.

Sarah Blasko. En route to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Curse you Sunset Sounds for making me choose between YYYs, Blasko, and Xavier Rudd. (Oh, who am I kidding, I still love you, SS). And yes, this is a way dodgy photo but whatever. It was night. And I didn’t use a flash. Therefore in my mind it’s a semi-success.

I also have a bunch of photos that aren’t festival related, and will post them in due course. Hope you’ve enjoyed my Sunset Sounds photo journey!