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splendour in the grass: the great escape

We're freeeeeee.
The Splendour in the Grass shenanigans didn’t end when the music stopped. The very next morning we were faced with the dilemma of how to make it out of the camp grounds as quickly as possible. We woke up at 6am and were ready to go by about 7ish. Turns out a lot of other people were too. Being located deep in the campgrounds, and there being only one exit point (dumbest idea ever), we weren’t liking our chances. Traffic stalled at about 7.30am and over the course of the next two hours we moved about 20 metres, tops. During this time, we watched entire tents wake up, have breakfast, get packed, and then join the growing queue. Traffic was building up behind us, in front of us, and either side of us. We then got wind that it would be a reported 10 hours before the last car left the camp grounds. Things were looking dire. Then, all of a sudden, keys started turning in their ignitions and a sense of urgency filled the air. Apparently there was a way out after all. Slightly illegal, slightly stupid – but desperate times call for desperate measures…

The pack up.
6am start. Coldest morning we’d encountered the entire time. Not fun.

Off road.

Apparently, some intrepid campers had found a way out. If we cut through a paddock, there was a road that would take us straight on to the highway. With only seconds to decide, we threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a go. Despite the fact that our car was probably not equipped to handle it.

The Great Escape

Our excellent driver, Sam, showcasing her off-road driving skills. Her car is a brand new Honda Civic. Not an off-road car at all. It survived though, thank goodness. We would’ve been up shit creek if it had stalled. You can also see the convoy of cars in front of us, leading the charge. I’m not going to lie, for a while there it felt like the blind leading the blind.

Hi horse.

Turns out the road that led to the highway cut through someone’s property. A farm. Full of horses. I think some got a bit of a fright at the line of cars driving past. Whoops.

We made it out on to the highway dance.

This is me doing a celebratory ‘the car survived and we’ve made it out on to the highway’ dance. We then high-tailed it to Maccas, along with what seemed like the rest of the Splendour escapees, for a long awaited breakfast (which turned out to be more like lunch). This escapade was definitely one for the ages.
You can check out more photos from the weekend, that I may not have included here, over on my flickr.

splendour in the grass: day three

Splendour, I heart you.
Surfer Blood | We Are Scientists | K-OS | Passion Pit | Goldfrapp | Pixies

So brings us to the final day of Splendour. The day was shaping up to be a fairly chill one, so I thought it would be safe to take my Diana Mini (plus recently purchased flash – hurrah!) along for the ride. I started off the day in half-frame mode, and switched around a bit, which explains for the size discrepancies. The last of my disposable cameras was also floating around that day, and I thought I had lost it to the Splendour Black Hole, but I have since located it and will be off to develop it shortly. Click click click on the link below for more photos.

Possibly the only time we were IN THE GRASS.

Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood.

Found some Scientists, film fucked up.

Spotted We Are Scientists in the crowd, channeled my inner fangirl, asked for a photo. I then had to screw it up by changing into half-frame mode and not winding my film on properly. This probably would have looked alright/cool if the stage shots were the right way around.


K-OS. You always need a bit of hip-hop to break things up. Definitely the surprise highlight of the weekend. I love being in a crowd of predominantly white kids breaking it down and trying to be black (see: Dizzee Rascal at Big Day Out 2008, Cool Kids at Parklife 2009). I’m not even being sarcastic. Each of these gigs was hands down amazing.

Pre-Pixies. Tried a long exposure. Balanced the camera on my knee. Obviously wasn’t still enough.

And here are some photos not from Day Three, but I didn’t know exactly where else to fit them in:
Grafitti Bus

Graffiti bus. This was taken on the Thursday, when the grounds had just opened. It didn’t take long for some eloquent individual to spray paint “Balls deep” on the side. Splendour 2010, keeping it classy.

Splendour Power
Even though this is covering the last day, it’s not the last of the Splendour posts. Shenanigans were had on the way home, and there’s the final disposable camera that needs developing. Stay tuned!

splendour in the grass: day two

The Strokes
Two Door Cinema Club | Delphic | Operator Please | Tame Impala | Laura Marling | Wolfmother |
Florence & The Machine | THE STROKES

Saturday/Strokesday. While Two Door Cinema Club, Delphic, Tame Impala, Laura Marling, and Florence & The Machine are all awesome in their own rights… today was always going to be about The Strokes. And rightly so. They were just… AMAZING. Julian and the boys delivered a set like no other. We got ourselves settled in at the amphitheatre during Operator Please, but during Tame Impala’s set we started getting a bit twitchy at the sheer number of people flooding into the amphitheatre. I’d had my heart set on seeing Laura Marling, but didn’t want to risk getting locked out for The Strokes. Anyway, my friend and I decided it was worth the risk, and I think the Splendour Gods must have been shining down on us again because after Laura’s set (which was beautiful by the way – the whole crowd singing along to Ghost was a magical moment) we beat the crowd (and the reported lockout) and made it back in time for Wolfmother’s set. We had plenty of time to squeeze our way to the front. Which kind of worked until just before The Strokes came on and a random crowd surge knocked about 50 people to the floor and set us back 10 metres or so. In hindsight this was probably a good thing because it meant we were out of the most insane part of the mosh (things got really dicey at times).

Boots, you've served me well

These boots served me well today. They withstood a lot of trampling and jumping and moshing. (For those interested, I wore these, jeans, a black singlet, my hat, and khaki anorak. Not very creative, but it was the ideal outfit for withstanding insane-o mosh pits).

Vegi Burgers

Refueling for the epic night ahead. This Vegi Burger was delicious. Can’t you tell?


You can just make out Florence. Kind of surprised these photos worked out at all. Anyway, she delivered a killer set, as always. Her voice is insanely powerful. Such a mesmerising set. I will never tire of jumping around to Dog Days live. The crush in between her set and The Strokes was SCARY.

The Strokes

So these photos were never going to be the best quality, but you can still make out some things, like Albert’s white suit. I guess he missed the leather jacket memo…

The Strokes
More of a crowd shot. But you can still see how close we were to the stage. Kind of.

There weren’t many photos I could share from today. Well there were, but I doubt my friends would appreciate me putting them up here (haha). I spent the day too wrapped up in all the great music to take photos. Anyway, memories will always serve me better in the end.

If you want to see better photos of bands etc, Triple J have some pretty extensive Splendour coverage: here.

splendour in the grass: day one

Hello, Splendour. So nice to see you.
Violent Soho | School of Seven Bells | Foals | Little Red | Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Angus & Julia Stone | LCD Soundsystem | Grizzly Bear

What a way to start of the festival! Woke up on Friday to blue skies and balmy weather. Perfect. No matter how many words I write, I doubt I’ll ever be able provide a description that will do the weekend justice. It’s just one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. By the end of the day I was an absolute wreck and my feet were killing me, but it was all so worth it. To top off an otherwise perfect first day of Splendour, as we were walking past the Mix Up Tent after Grizzly Bear (tired, hungry, in need of good shoes), Scissor Sisters started playing Take Your Mama. That was the only song of theirs I wanted to hear. Perfect timing much? It sustained me for the arduous trek back to the campsite. Thank you Splendour Gods for shining down on me in my time of need. More photos after the jump.

Unicorn! Splendour in the Grass really is a mystical place.
Violent Soho
First band of the day: Violent Soho.

The crowd. Millin’. Chillin’.

Just happy to be here.GIANT TWO-SPINED PELVIS

I wore the Cotton on Dress from a few posts down. Notice that I’m not wearing my pointy cat eye sunnies… BECAUSE I LOST THEM BEFORE I EVEN GOT TO THE FESTIVAL. I had to wear my wayfarers instead. Never fear though, I found them again in time for the last day. They were in the food tent. Also, GIANT PELVIS! Ahh Splendour Art, you never disappoint.

School of Seven Bells?
School of Seven Bells. Film cameras weren’t much use for taking photos of bands on stage.


Splendour AtmosphereSplendour Atmosphere
Today was a throw your arms up in the air, wave ’em around like you just don’t care sort of day.


One of the most important things you need to know before you start your Splendour weekend: where the Organic Doughnut Stand is.

Foals? I can't quite tell.
Foals. WERE AMAZING. Definite highlight.

View from the top of the Amphitheatre, en route to Little Red.

splendour in the grass: base camp

Splendour. Five Stars.
Splendour in the Grass. FIVE STARS!

Finally! Here are some Splendour in the Grass photos. It took me a while, but I eventually got there. After many a problem with my scanner and then my computer getting a virus (facebook, you are not my friend) and being out of action for a few days, I’m all set. However, I’m not sure how to organise these posts. I think I’ll go day by day. And then maybe by camera (I still have a Diana Mini film to scan in). Rest assured, there will be many, many more posts to come. In the meantime, have a sticky beak at our camp site. More photos after the jump.

Do not recommending camping underneath trees with BEES.
These trees were full of bees. And the yellow flowers shed everywhere and covered EVERYTHING. We had to camp underneath them. Do not recommend.

Blue skies and bubbles. Not a rain cloud in sight. Hurrah!

Hide out.

Giant novelty dice!Base Camp
Who takes a giant novelty dice camping? We do.
Who takes a giant novelty dice camping? We do. Well, the boys do at least.