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harvest festival: the flaming lips

My iPhone is my default camera these days. These were taken during The Flaming Lips‘ set at Harvest Festival on Saturday. I also took a film camera along for the day, but haven’t finished the roll yet. After not being able to see The Flaming Lips at Splendour in the Grass a few years back, they were my must-see* set on Saturday. Hands down, it was one of the best live performances I have ever been a part of. Confetti cannons, balloons, strobe lights, Wayne Coyne in a giant bubble, and sing-a-longs en masse. If you want to experience the definition of happiness, go to a Flaming Lips’ gig.
*Of course, TV on the Radio, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The National, and Portishead were pretty magnificent as well.

splendour in the grass: pic me!

Alternate title: why you should vote for my entry in the Splendour in the Grass PIC ME! competition.
Alternate alternate title: what’s the point of having a blog if I can’t use it for a little self promotion?

Because this year’s ticket prices are ludicrous, and I will be poor from my travels overseas, this year I will not be attending Splendour in the Grass a.k.a. my festival nirvana. However, all is not lost as I have decided to try my luck in their PIC ME! competition. All that was required was for contestants to submit photographs from past Splendours. The prize is a double event camping pass to this year’s festival *jaw drop*. If you cast your memories back to August last year you may recall my colourful documentation of three days of festival shenanigans. So I submitted a few photos and am now vying for votes. Your votes, to be precise.
What’s in it for you, you ask? Well… tangibly… nothing. You’ll be voting out of the kindness of your hearts and with the knowledge that you’re helping one girl’s dream of seeing Kanye and Pulp in the flesh come true. And for that you’ll have my deepest gratitude. If I do win (unlikely but one can always dream), you’ll also get to live vicariously through my Splendour adventures. If last year is anything to go by, I’ll bring more tales of impractical camping gear, mosh pit insanity, fan-girling out on unsuspecting musicians, and desperate trespassing escapades. And to top it all off, this year I will be delirious after stepping off a 24 hour flight (the camp ground opens on a Wednesday. I fly in Wednesday night. The festival starts on Friday). The results will be hilarious, trust me.
To vote, all you need is a Facebook account and an affinity for clicking ‘like’ buttons. Once a day*. Until May 27. The five entries with the most votes will then be judged by a panel of Splendour aficionados. So, troops, let’s get me to the top 5 and make this happen!
Click here to view my entry and vote: Splendour in the Grass PIC ME! competition

*you don’t really have to vote once a day but I’ll be forever grateful if you do.

matt & kim: big day out

Matt rules at life
Matt and Kim, Big Day OutMatt and Kim, Big Day Out
Matt and Kim, Big Day Out
“Who was your favourite act at Big Day Out?”
“Matt and Kim”
“… who?”
That conversation has played out a lot over the past couple of days. If you fall into the category of people who don’t know who Matt and Kim are, then I say, get yourselves educated. Their Big Day Out set was one for the ages. So much so, that I am dedicating a whole post to it. Tucked up on the hill at the Lilyworld stage, there were only a few hundred people who bore witness to the amazingness that was Matt and Kim. Everyone was dancing around and loving life. Well, everyone in the first couple of rows anwyay. I didn’t bother checking behind me. These two are hands down the cheeriest band ever. EVER. It was infectious. You couldn’t help but smile. If they ever play in your town, go see them. You won’t regret it. Fact.
P.S. I’ve posted a whole lot more of my Big Day Out photos on my flickr. So feel free to mosey on over!

big day out 2011

Main stages
Orange stage
Blue stageLupe Fiasco
Classic KarlFisheye!
BDO houseMatt and Kim @ Lilyworld
Pre - LCD SoundsystemOld mate
Happy Australia Day! I thought I’d celebrate with a post on one of the most Aussie rites of passage out there – Big Day Out! These are from my Gold Coast Big Day Out adventures over the weekend. Until recently, I thought I had grown out of this festival. Not so. It was possibly one of the funnest Big Day Outs I’ve been too. It may have had something to do with the fact that I had more time to explore and chill out, rather than the usual scenario of rushing desperately between stages. Highlights of the day included Crystal Castles (Alice Glass performed with a broken ankle – what a champion!), Matt and Kim (they were so awesome that a whole post will be dedicated to their set soon), Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros (only caught the end of the set but I loved my life dancing around like a maniac to Home), and LCD Soundsystem. Notable mentions also go to Lupe Fiasco, Deftones, Iggy and The Stooges (Iggy, you are one crazy mofo), and M.I.A. If you’re in Sydney and going to Big Day Out today, have fun! I wish I was going again!

travel plans

This weekend I booked some flights to London. I’ll be heading over next June for five weeks. Mainly to visit my friend Bron who moved there earlier this year. And also because of a little festival that goes by the name of Glastonbury. Yes, you read correctly. I GOT TICKETS TO GLASTONBURY. I’ve been sitting on that one for a while now. Having exhausted the Aussie festival circuit, it was only natural that I take the next step and aim for arguably the most notorious music festival in the world. I’ll also be there for my birthday, which is an extra treat. I’ll probably be spending it absolutely exhausted though, as it’s the day after Glastonbury. Anyway, I’m just a tad (read: very) excited, and will be patiently counting down the days until June 2011. To all my readers who live in or have visited London, any advice on things to do would be much appreciated. I’m interested in anything and everything – from all the big touristy attractions to little things like quirky bars/art galleries/cafes/shops etc. If you’re a regular on this blog, then you probably already have a fair idea of the kind of stuff that I would be into. Thanks in advance to all those who answer the call!
Also, Happy Halloween! Hope you’re all getting your spook on. I went to a party last night (dressed up as Wednesday Addams) and took my Canon Sureshot camera along for the ride. Photos to come.
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