trinket tray

I found this in the pantry the other day. I don’t know where it’s from or how it got there. I think it’s a teapot tray. For now, it will hold miscellaneous pretty things.


Some snaps from the weekend. Frilly socks for Friday nights and bright, bright lights. On Friday I had a friend’s birthday party (Happy birthday Spence!) and on Saturday I attended a 21st (Happy birthday Rach!). I swear at least 80% of the people I know have birthdays in June. Mine is coming up, too. This Sunday. Everyone take note (haha).

long weekend

A long weekend spent at home: lounging about in tracksuit pants; drawing up a storm; drinking too much tea; eating too many koala biscuits; waking up an hour late for the Australia v Germany World Cup match; wishing I was at the beach instead. Yes, even in winter, I still wish to be beside the sea.


Whenever things are lined up like this, I think of Babushka dolls. But these are not Babushka dolls. This is my L’Eau d’Issey family. The big bottle on the left is nearly empty. Which prompted the buying of a replacement. The new 50ml bottle came with a 10ml accompaniment. The little one at the end came as a sample with other perfumes I bought ages ago. It has a twin but that one lives in my handbag. I don’t know why the two in the middle are clearer than the others. Whatever, they still smell the same.

While I was taking these photos I also became quite fascinated by how the background was reflected (?) in the little glass globes on top of the perfume bottles. It was as if I had captured a bouquet of flowers in the glass. Yes, I am easily amused. You should know that by now.

In other news, the folks over at the Be In Style blog were kind enough to mention me in their Carnival of Shopping. Thanks guys!
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