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sunset sounds day two

John Steel Singers

John Steel Singers, King Khan & The Shrines, Lisa Mitchell, Grizzly Bear, Sarah Blasko, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It made for a pretty epic Day Two. Click the link below to see more photos taken on my Holga.

John Steel Singers. Wearing horse heads. Sexy.

King Khan & The Shrines. In the paper they described him as being a cross between James Brown and Iggy Pop. You read that, and it’s pretty hard to comprehend, but then you see him and it all makes sense.

It looks like I’m applying lipstick to my chin. But I’m not. Also, applying lipstick without a mirror was a brave decision on my part. Especially red lipstick. But my Lancome lipstick is more like a really really red gloss, so it’s not all scary. Moral of the story? None, really.

Lisa Mitchell. Dusk + no camera flash = sub par photos. But she was way cute. And was wearing a killer red dress. Click the photo to enlarge.

Grizzly Bear. Of course, the only semi-decent photo had to be of the drum kit. With no drummer. In the second photo, if you squint, you can kind of see one of the band members. I need a better system for night shots. Obviously my flash sucks. Despite the crappy photos, they were AMAZING. Magical, almost. The super long sound check and late start was so worth it. Also, props to the girl in the crowd with the Lomo fisheye. We had mad Lomo chats.

Sarah Blasko. En route to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Curse you Sunset Sounds for making me choose between YYYs, Blasko, and Xavier Rudd. (Oh, who am I kidding, I still love you, SS). And yes, this is a way dodgy photo but whatever. It was night. And I didn’t use a flash. Therefore in my mind it’s a semi-success.

I also have a bunch of photos that aren’t festival related, and will post them in due course. Hope you’ve enjoyed my Sunset Sounds photo journey!

sunset sounds day one

Datarock, Jamie T, Hilltop Hoods, and Moby. Some of my photos from Day One of Sunset Sounds. It was a bit overcast plus most of the festival took place in the evening, so my photos are a bit dark. More photos after the jump.

Datarock. Dodgy photo, I know. But you can kind of see them. In their tracksuits. Which would have been BOILING. I only got to see the last couple of songs. But their energy on stage is brilliant and they definitely had the crowd going.

People who will probably hate me for putting these up.

Jamie T & The Pacemakers. It was a bit of an agonising decision between them and Emiliana Torrini. Damn those timetable clashes. In the end, my gut instinct won out and I stayed at the main stage for Jamie T. These kids always put on a frenetic show and I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of being part of that again.

(Photos of Hilltop Hoods would go here, but I didn’t take any because to be honest I’m not a fan. I just stayed at that stage to secure a spot for Moby.)

Blurry Moby. I took this photo using the “B” setting. Obviously my hand wasn’t steady enough. His set was amazing. The best way to top off a fantastic afternoon of festival madness. Although the constant “thank you, thank you, thank you” came across as both irritating and insincere (probably a you-had-to-be-there kind of thing). Despite this, his set was the unexpected highlight of my evening. Listening to We Are All Made of Stars in an open air setting, underneath a blanket of stars, is almost a spiritual experience.

Day Two photos coming up soon.

beach daze

Sno-cones at the beach. It’s almost a tradition.

It’s been cloudy and rainy and pretty miserable for the past week or so. I know there’s been a drought on for the past forever, and that we should all be happy for the rain, but seriously, I just want to sun to come out so I can go to the beach and eat sno-cones and all that other summer stuff, like in the above photos taken a month or so ago. In other news, my summer festival season kicks off with Sunset Sounds tomorrow. I’m a bit nonplussed about it so far. But we’re hiring an apartment in the city only a few streets away from the venue so I’m sure it’ll all start feeling a bit more festival-y tomorrow. No doubt I’ll be bursting out of my body in anticipation of seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform (bring on Thursday!) And this time I’ll actually see them. Unlike Splendour in the Grass 2006. Where I was so far back I only got a few glimpses of Karen O and saw the tops of a lot of people’s heads. Which is saying something, because usually I have no problems at festivals and concerts, and often thank my genes for being reasonably tall 🙂

bbq + boardgames

Testing out my Diana Mini at a friend’s BBQ. We beat the summer heat by staying in the shade, sipping on cold beverages, and playing boardgames till the sun went down! Photo-wise, I like the warmth of the colours. The photos turned out pretty well, despite the fact we were in the shade. Sometimes I’m scared of taking (film) photos that aren’t in full light. The last one resulted in a bit of an ugly lens flare. But I thought I’d post it anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever be blessed with cool lens flares. Sigh.

diana mini – take 2

This time I made sure all the settings were correct before I started shooting. In this photo I was trying out overlapping images. These hydrangeas are in the garden below my bedroom window. I used to be pretty indifferent towards hydrangeas. But now that they’re there I quite like them.

Most of the photos on this film are of friends and gatherings. So I might not post all of them due to privacy issues etc. But I’ll try and post as many as I can!

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