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splendour in the grass: day three

Splendour, I heart you.
Surfer Blood | We Are Scientists | K-OS | Passion Pit | Goldfrapp | Pixies

So brings us to the final day of Splendour. The day was shaping up to be a fairly chill one, so I thought it would be safe to take my Diana Mini (plus recently purchased flash – hurrah!) along for the ride. I started off the day in half-frame mode, and switched around a bit, which explains for the size discrepancies. The last of my disposable cameras was also floating around that day, and I thought I had lost it to the Splendour Black Hole, but I have since located it and will be off to develop it shortly. Click click click on the link below for more photos.

Possibly the only time we were IN THE GRASS.

Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood.

Found some Scientists, film fucked up.

Spotted We Are Scientists in the crowd, channeled my inner fangirl, asked for a photo. I then had to screw it up by changing into half-frame mode and not winding my film on properly. This probably would have looked alright/cool if the stage shots were the right way around.


K-OS. You always need a bit of hip-hop to break things up. Definitely the surprise highlight of the weekend. I love being in a crowd of predominantly white kids breaking it down and trying to be black (see: Dizzee Rascal at Big Day Out 2008, Cool Kids at Parklife 2009). I’m not even being sarcastic. Each of these gigs was hands down amazing.

Pre-Pixies. Tried a long exposure. Balanced the camera on my knee. Obviously wasn’t still enough.

And here are some photos not from Day Three, but I didn’t know exactly where else to fit them in:
Grafitti Bus

Graffiti bus. This was taken on the Thursday, when the grounds had just opened. It didn’t take long for some eloquent individual to spray paint “Balls deep” on the side. Splendour 2010, keeping it classy.

Splendour Power
Even though this is covering the last day, it’s not the last of the Splendour posts. Shenanigans were had on the way home, and there’s the final disposable camera that needs developing. Stay tuned!

i like my wallpaper on the outside of buildings, thanks

Here are a few snaps from my Diana Mini, as promised. This was not one of my better films. All the photos from the Ron Mueck exhibit were horribly underexposed (not overexposed, as I had previously thought). These photos are of me and my friend Nika outside the State Library, which is right next to the Gallery of Modern Art. I like the pattern on the outside of the building. It reminds me of wallpaper. Another thing I like about the State Library is that it provides free wi-fi. Backpackers and cheapskates take note: if you’re in the city and in need of internet access, don’t pay for it, nerd it up in the library instead!

The only Ron Mueck related photo that turned out remotely OK was this one of the giant baby’s squishy face. And even that had scratches on the film. Pity. I might just have to go back again and take some good photos with a digital camera.

This is from the ‘Unnerved: The New Zealand Project’ exhibition in the downstairs part of the gallery. It’s free. I thought the lighting there was worse than the Ron Mueck exhibit, but apparently not, since this photo turned out much better. My favourite part of the Unnerved exhibit, without a doubt, was the wall of televisions playing episodes of Flight of the Conchords. Is it really art? Who cares. It’s Flight of the Conchords.

Basically, what you should take away from this post is: if you’re in need of free internet and want to watch Flight of the Conchords on continuous loop, the State Library and GoMA is where it’s at.

day tripping

Earlier on in the year, a couple of my friends and I decided to drive an hour or so out of town and have lunch on top of a mountain. It was a bit of a refreshing change from our usual inner-city jaunts. I brought my Diana Mini along for the ride. I only just got around to developing the photos. Slack, I know. You can view more photos after the jump. But those with slow broadband be warned, it’s avery image heavy post.

How’s the serenity? If I were to swing the camera a bit more to the right you’d see the ocean.

This building was chock full of cuckoo clocks.

My favourite kind of country.

The only way all three of us were going to be able to get into a photo together.

There are a few more photos, but I’ll post them at a later date.

little boats

I wanted to see if I could remember how to make paper boats…

…I had to google the instructions.


More importantly, this is my 500th post.

Let’s celebrate.

By having a paper boat party.

(I don’t actually know what a paper boat party would entail. I’m assuming lots of paper boats).

night lights

These photos came from the same roll of film as my Sunset Sounds photos. It was late at night and I couldn’t get to sleep (too many vodka Red Bulls – never again!) So I decided to try out the “B” setting on my Holga 135BC. I didn’t know how long to keep the shutter open so I just guesstimated. I kept the camera stable by placing it on the floor of the balcony. Lucky it was floor to ceiling glass. You can see the floor in the corner of the second photo. The first photo must be a double exposure. It took me a while to figure that one out. All in all, I’m quite happy with how they turned out. I might try taking night photos more often.
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