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sunset sounds day one

Datarock, Jamie T, Hilltop Hoods, and Moby. Some of my photos from Day One of Sunset Sounds. It was a bit overcast plus most of the festival took place in the evening, so my photos are a bit dark. More photos after the jump.

Datarock. Dodgy photo, I know. But you can kind of see them. In their tracksuits. Which would have been BOILING. I only got to see the last couple of songs. But their energy on stage is brilliant and they definitely had the crowd going.

People who will probably hate me for putting these up.

Jamie T & The Pacemakers. It was a bit of an agonising decision between them and Emiliana Torrini. Damn those timetable clashes. In the end, my gut instinct won out and I stayed at the main stage for Jamie T. These kids always put on a frenetic show and I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of being part of that again.

(Photos of Hilltop Hoods would go here, but I didn’t take any because to be honest I’m not a fan. I just stayed at that stage to secure a spot for Moby.)

Blurry Moby. I took this photo using the “B” setting. Obviously my hand wasn’t steady enough. His set was amazing. The best way to top off a fantastic afternoon of festival madness. Although the constant “thank you, thank you, thank you” came across as both irritating and insincere (probably a you-had-to-be-there kind of thing). Despite this, his set was the unexpected highlight of my evening. Listening to We Are All Made of Stars in an open air setting, underneath a blanket of stars, is almost a spiritual experience.

Day Two photos coming up soon.

y control

Poor quality camera-phone shot. But it’s definitely the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Sunset Sounds. Plus a few giant eye-balls. Epic. This is the only shot I got of them, and you can’t really see them but oh well. Just pretend. I didn’t bother trying out my Holga as there was no way that I was going to get a decent photo. I took my Holga instead of my Diana Mini, on account of I still don’t have a flash for my Diana. I’m off to get the films developed today. Fingers crossed they turn out OK.

belated v fest

These are a few of my Holga photos from V Fest. There were hardly any good shots on the roll, which was slightly disappointing. The day, however, was pretty wonderful (despite getting rained out towards the end). V Fest is fast becoming one of my favourite festivals. Unlike other festivals where I am constantly running between stages, the atmosphere at Avica Resort was far more relaxed. For a lot of the acts, I found myself sitting on the hill, enjoying large doses of live music and people watching.

The Other Stage, also known as my favourite stage (Tame Impala, The Dø, M83, The Kills… I basically lived at this stage).

Either learn how to use a bin, OR EAT ALL OF YOUR FOOD.

Duffy. With her identical back up singers. Got boring after about half an hour into the set. Plus standing around in the hot sun didn’t help either.

Evening crowd shot. And then my flash died. Bum.

I also have some photos from my Supersampler which are much more exciting. They’re from the beach (last of summer). I’ll post them in the coming days. Oh, the suspense.

big day out wrap up

It was OK.
Unless there are some rather impressive acts, I doubt I’ll be going next year.

I forgot my ticket. This is what my dad had to say about that. Luckily my friend picked it up on her way down the next day.

The Grates. It was probably the 1987493257349th time I’ve seen them but they’re always good value.

The closest we got to Lupe. Sigh. Boiler Room was insanely packed.

Simian Mobile Disco. ish. My camera is horrible, I know. Or I just take bad photos.


  • Dancing like there’s no tomorrow at Black Kids.
  • Finally getting to see Lupe Fiasco.
  • Going insane to Simian Mobile Disco.
  • Eating hot chips while watching Hot Chip.
  • The guy climbing the Boiler Room tent during Pee Wee Ferris.


  • The high levels of douchey-ness.
  • Losing my friends in the mass exodus after The Ting Tings.
  • Three of the main acts I wanted to see overlapping each other (TV on the Radio, Black Kids, and Lupe Fiasco). It was a logistical nightmare.
  • Only getting to see half of Black Kids set.
  • Only getting to see half of TVOTR.
  • Watching Lupe on the big screen because the Boiler Room was so packed.
  • The long queues for just about everything (it’s expected, but still annoying nonetheless).
  • People getting aggressive towards the end of the night (probably also comes under ‘high levels of douchey-ness’).
  • Finding drink tickets in my bag the next day.