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matt & kim: big day out

Matt rules at life
Matt and Kim, Big Day OutMatt and Kim, Big Day Out
Matt and Kim, Big Day Out
“Who was your favourite act at Big Day Out?”
“Matt and Kim”
“… who?”
That conversation has played out a lot over the past couple of days. If you fall into the category of people who don’t know who Matt and Kim are, then I say, get yourselves educated. Their Big Day Out set was one for the ages. So much so, that I am dedicating a whole post to it. Tucked up on the hill at the Lilyworld stage, there were only a few hundred people who bore witness to the amazingness that was Matt and Kim. Everyone was dancing around and loving life. Well, everyone in the first couple of rows anwyay. I didn’t bother checking behind me. These two are hands down the cheeriest band ever. EVER. It was infectious. You couldn’t help but smile. If they ever play in your town, go see them. You won’t regret it. Fact.
P.S. I’ve posted a whole lot more of my Big Day Out photos on my flickr. So feel free to mosey on over!

big day out 2011

Main stages
Orange stage
Blue stageLupe Fiasco
Classic KarlFisheye!
BDO houseMatt and Kim @ Lilyworld
Pre - LCD SoundsystemOld mate
Happy Australia Day! I thought I’d celebrate with a post on one of the most Aussie rites of passage out there – Big Day Out! These are from my Gold Coast Big Day Out adventures over the weekend. Until recently, I thought I had grown out of this festival. Not so. It was possibly one of the funnest Big Day Outs I’ve been too. It may have had something to do with the fact that I had more time to explore and chill out, rather than the usual scenario of rushing desperately between stages. Highlights of the day included Crystal Castles (Alice Glass performed with a broken ankle – what a champion!), Matt and Kim (they were so awesome that a whole post will be dedicated to their set soon), Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros (only caught the end of the set but I loved my life dancing around like a maniac to Home), and LCD Soundsystem. Notable mentions also go to Lupe Fiasco, Deftones, Iggy and The Stooges (Iggy, you are one crazy mofo), and M.I.A. If you’re in Sydney and going to Big Day Out today, have fun! I wish I was going again!

mystery jets @ the hifi, brisbane

Mystery Jets @ HiFi, BrisbaneMystery Jets @ HiFi, Brisbane
Last night I saw Mystery Jets at The Hi-Fi in Brisbane. I’d been looking forward to this gig for a long time and it’s safe to say that the boys from Eel Pie Island met (and exceeded) my every expectation. The only thing I found disappointing was the lack of a crowd. The Hi-Fi was half full at best and, in my opinion, these boys deserved a much bigger audience. The smaller audience did have its upsides though – unobstructed views and plenty of dancing room! I’m quite horrible at giving ‘reviews’ because most times I just like something or I don’t, and can’t be bothered explaining why. If I were to try and choose highlights for the night, off the top of my head, I’d say that they would include Two Doors Down, After Dark and Behind The Bunhouse. Although, as more songs come to mind, this list would most certainly grow until it featured every song on the setlist. I took my Canon Sureshot along for the ride and had my fingers crossed that it would take some decent photos in such low light settings. I think it did the job quite well, considering. You can see more photos from the night on my flickr.
Mystery Jets @ HiFi, Brisbane
Mystery Jets @ HiFi, BrisbaneMystery Jets @ HiFi, Brisbane

splendour in the grass: the great escape

We're freeeeeee.
The Splendour in the Grass shenanigans didn’t end when the music stopped. The very next morning we were faced with the dilemma of how to make it out of the camp grounds as quickly as possible. We woke up at 6am and were ready to go by about 7ish. Turns out a lot of other people were too. Being located deep in the campgrounds, and there being only one exit point (dumbest idea ever), we weren’t liking our chances. Traffic stalled at about 7.30am and over the course of the next two hours we moved about 20 metres, tops. During this time, we watched entire tents wake up, have breakfast, get packed, and then join the growing queue. Traffic was building up behind us, in front of us, and either side of us. We then got wind that it would be a reported 10 hours before the last car left the camp grounds. Things were looking dire. Then, all of a sudden, keys started turning in their ignitions and a sense of urgency filled the air. Apparently there was a way out after all. Slightly illegal, slightly stupid – but desperate times call for desperate measures…

The pack up.
6am start. Coldest morning we’d encountered the entire time. Not fun.

Off road.

Apparently, some intrepid campers had found a way out. If we cut through a paddock, there was a road that would take us straight on to the highway. With only seconds to decide, we threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a go. Despite the fact that our car was probably not equipped to handle it.

The Great Escape

Our excellent driver, Sam, showcasing her off-road driving skills. Her car is a brand new Honda Civic. Not an off-road car at all. It survived though, thank goodness. We would’ve been up shit creek if it had stalled. You can also see the convoy of cars in front of us, leading the charge. I’m not going to lie, for a while there it felt like the blind leading the blind.

Hi horse.

Turns out the road that led to the highway cut through someone’s property. A farm. Full of horses. I think some got a bit of a fright at the line of cars driving past. Whoops.

We made it out on to the highway dance.

This is me doing a celebratory ‘the car survived and we’ve made it out on to the highway’ dance. We then high-tailed it to Maccas, along with what seemed like the rest of the Splendour escapees, for a long awaited breakfast (which turned out to be more like lunch). This escapade was definitely one for the ages.
You can check out more photos from the weekend, that I may not have included here, over on my flickr.

splendour in the grass: day three

Splendour, I heart you.
Surfer Blood | We Are Scientists | K-OS | Passion Pit | Goldfrapp | Pixies

So brings us to the final day of Splendour. The day was shaping up to be a fairly chill one, so I thought it would be safe to take my Diana Mini (plus recently purchased flash – hurrah!) along for the ride. I started off the day in half-frame mode, and switched around a bit, which explains for the size discrepancies. The last of my disposable cameras was also floating around that day, and I thought I had lost it to the Splendour Black Hole, but I have since located it and will be off to develop it shortly. Click click click on the link below for more photos.

Possibly the only time we were IN THE GRASS.

Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood.

Found some Scientists, film fucked up.

Spotted We Are Scientists in the crowd, channeled my inner fangirl, asked for a photo. I then had to screw it up by changing into half-frame mode and not winding my film on properly. This probably would have looked alright/cool if the stage shots were the right way around.


K-OS. You always need a bit of hip-hop to break things up. Definitely the surprise highlight of the weekend. I love being in a crowd of predominantly white kids breaking it down and trying to be black (see: Dizzee Rascal at Big Day Out 2008, Cool Kids at Parklife 2009). I’m not even being sarcastic. Each of these gigs was hands down amazing.

Pre-Pixies. Tried a long exposure. Balanced the camera on my knee. Obviously wasn’t still enough.

And here are some photos not from Day Three, but I didn’t know exactly where else to fit them in:
Grafitti Bus

Graffiti bus. This was taken on the Thursday, when the grounds had just opened. It didn’t take long for some eloquent individual to spray paint “Balls deep” on the side. Splendour 2010, keeping it classy.

Splendour Power
Even though this is covering the last day, it’s not the last of the Splendour posts. Shenanigans were had on the way home, and there’s the final disposable camera that needs developing. Stay tuned!