I Spy: Forest Green Decor

Ever since I visited the Pop & Scott x Pampa showroom in Byron Bay earlier this year, more specifically after I spied this lush green velvet sofa, I’ve been obsessed with dark green decor. And it’s not just me. I’ve noticed a big shift towards this colour. I mean, it makes sense since the colour of the year is ‘greenery’. Although these darker shades of green are much more palatable than the Pantone version. I’m especially loving the look of dark green bedding and velvety textures for winter. Move over millennial pink, it’s all about forest green right now. Click on the images or links below for my picks for forest green decor.

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California Dreaming by Stephanie Kloss

When I first saw these images from the California Dreaming series by photographer Stephanie Kloss I immediately thought that they were vintage photographs. I mean, just look at all that classic mid-century modern architecture. Not to mention the era-appropriate ‘living sculpture’ who brings interest and intrigue to every shot. Imagine my surprise, then, when I realised that these photographs weren’t taken in the fifties and sixties aka the golden era of mid-century modern design but much more recently. The photo series features iconic examples of mid-century modern architecture including (from above) Case Study House #10, Frank Sinatra’s residence, and Palm Springs City Hall. You can see more of the series and Kloss’ work online at LUMAS Gallery and purchase prints here. 

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Other Things

Hello? Anybody still here? It’s admittedly been a while since my last post. Sometimes blogging funks creep up on you like that. You’ll go to write a post but then feel like there’s already so much similar content out there. Or things just won’t come together in the right way so you end up abandoning an idea. Or you’re hit with cyclonic weather that isn’t really conducive to taking photographs. Then the next thing you know it’s been weeks since your last blog post. Oops. That’s not to say that I’ve been absent from the internet because, reader, I am still falling into as many internet rabbit holes as ever. These are some things that have piqued my interest lately.
– I love me some glitter earrings and for the month of April Each to Own  will be donating all profits from the sale of their ‘Bright Day’ earrings to the Tweed Mayoral Appeal Fund to help those in Northern NSW affected by floods in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie.

– Did you know that millenial pink is a thing? While this colour trend has been on the radar for some time, I only came across this phrase the other day. Whatever you want to call it, I’m totally down with it.

– Autumn finally seems to have arrived and I’ve embraced wide leg crop pants for the season. I found a pair at Uniqlo and every time I wear them I get compliments (i.e. the ultimate litmus test that you have made the right purchase).

– There’s just something about motels that make them ripe for photographing. This collection of photographs of mid-century modern motels by Tyler Haughey is no exception.

– Anyone else listened to the S-Town podcast? I kind of missed the boat with Serial but I found myself hooked on this. So many feels/things I need to be resolved.

– Want to know what the best time to go to sleep is? There’s a sleep calculator for that.

– I’m always on the lookout for chocolate cookie recipes and I really want to try this Double Chocolate Cookies recipe from Plate Got Ate.

Image: Tyler Haughey via frankie magazine

My 5 Everyday Makeup Essentials

When it comes to makeup I’m always trying out different brands in search of ~the best~ products. As such, I haven’t always had a set beauty routine or holy grail products that I’d happily rave about. Until now. I love having a sticky beak into other people’s beauty kits and makeup routines so I thought it was only right that I offer up the same opportunity. I don’t like my makeup to feel too heavy so some of the main criteria products have to pass is that they’re lightweight and easy to use. A few of these products I’ve only started using in the past couple of months but I’ve already decided that they’re here to stay. These are the products that I find myself using on the daily.

It’s a one-size-hopefully-fits-most situation with this tinted moisturiser as it only comes in one shade. Luckily for me this tint just happens to work well with my skin tone. It might not be the case for everyone. Luck of the draw and all that. The coverage is very sheer but I still find that it seems to even out my skin tone. A little bit goes a long way and this product is perfect for an everyday look where you still want to look made up/alive but don’t want to be wearing heavy foundation.
I previously said that I like my makeup to be lightweight but this is quite a creamy, full coverage concealer. But if I’m going to want any product to have a thick consistency it has got to be a concealer. I use it to cover up imperfections rather than as an under eye concealer or highlighter. I find that it has very good staying power and doesn’t ‘slide’ like I’ve experienced with other concealers. The tube is quite small but you don’t need to use much product to get good coverage.
I am all aboard the brow train. If I was to only do one thing to my face every day it would be to make sure my brows are done. I had been previously using Too Faced’s Brow Envy kit but didn’t like how I’d use up some products quicker than others and subsequently waste the rest. The loveliest MECCA sales assistant suggested I try this brow pencil and, paired with a quick tutorial, I doubt I’m going to have a bad brow day ever again.
I’d been meaning to switch to a cream blush for some time now but hadn’t had much luck finding one with a consistency I liked. That is, until the same sales assistant I mentioned above introduced me to this lip and cheek cream. Seriously, I think she was my makeup fairy godmother or something. The Petunia colour is a pinky coral that gives my skin a sheer flush. I’ve tried it out on my lips too and it adds a touch of colour, however, it’s probably best to exfoliate your lips beforehand because the product can build up and catch on cracked skin.
When it comes to mascara I’ve rarely bought the same one twice. As far as beauty products go, for me, mascaras are pretty much interchangeable. The only time I’ve really noticed a difference with my lashes is when I curl them or get extensions. That said, I’m really liking this Too Faced mascara. I bought a gift-sized version at the end of last year which suits me just fine as mascara isn’t something I go through quickly. I only found out the other day there’s a waterproof version so that might be my next purchase after this tube runs out.
And there we have it. These are the five beauty products that help me face the day. The tinted moisturiser, concealer, and blush can be applied with fingers if I’m lazy or brushes if I’m feeling fancy. I hardly ever wear eyeshadow during the day and eyeliner is pretty much limited to Saturday nights. I still have no clue about contouring. 

What are your favourite everyday beauty products?

Books About Plants

As far as interior decorating trends go, indoor plants are back in a big way. While I love the look of lush indoor greenery, I’m not the biggest green thumb so I’ve found myself looking at plant books for guidance and inspiration. My most current acquisitions include Indoor Green: Living With Plants by Bree Claffey and an old beat-up copy of The Complete Book of Houseplants & Indoor Gardening. Luckily there’s no shortage of books about plants out at the moment and these are a few others that I have my eye on.

House of Plants by Caro Langton and Rose Ray; Loose Leaf by Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler; Urban Jungle by Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaf; Wonder Plants by Irene Schampaert.

Do you have any plant books that you’d recommend for the aspiring indoor gardener?

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