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i love lomo

Holga shots:

This was probably the best out of them all.

Double exposure wooaaaaaaaaaahhh

My first ever bicycle. It’s like 15 years old or something now.

Huge mofo silos/tank things. I took this photo from inside my car while I was stopped at the lights. I felt way dodgy taking this photo, for fear that someone who was being “alert, not alarmed” was going to spot me and report me as a possible terrorist suspect. Yeah, my imagination gets the better of me sometimes.

This is the first shot taken on the film, so it’s dodgy. But I still like it.

Saw this horse. It looked sad. It had a wonky back leg, although you can’t see it in this picture. At first my friend was like “Oh it’s posing for the camera,” then we realised that it just had a wonky back leg.

it came in the mail

The latest addition to my little Lomo family.

I’ve already taken a few photos, and can’t wait to get the film developed. The last roll of film from my Supersampler (which took me AGES to finish) was ruined, and I was pretty sure there were some amazing photos in there. Sigh. Moral of the story is never let anyone else touch your camera.