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travel photos: glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury 2011
Glastonbury 2011 Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury 2011 Glastonbury 2011Glastonbury 2011 Glastonbury 2011
Glastonbury 2011 Glastonbury 2011
Glastonbury 2011 Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury 2011 Glastonbury 2011
The main reason I went overseas in the first place was to attend the Glastonbury Festival. By that, I mean that I purchased my festival ticket first and then thought ‘well, it looks like I’m heading overseas, I guess I better book some flights’. There are really no words to effectively describe this event. It is just massive. For those who have experienced Splendour in the Grass at home, Glastonbury is Splendour on steroids. Lots of steroids. We camped from the Wednesday and had two days to just take in the enormity of the festival, before the music had even started. There is so much to see and do, you could easily spend five days just exploring the grounds and not seeing any music at all. We were still discovering new parts of the festival on the last day!
One of the most eventful things that happened to me was on the first night when I lost my bag – or it got stolen, we still haven’t figured that one out – with my money, camera, and phone in it. It’s possibly the worst thing that could have happened. And we had no idea how it happened either. My bag was definitely in my tent as I went to sleep that night (there were eye witnesses). After turning the tent inside out on Thursday morning, we asked the campsite marshals for assistance and they informed us that there had been a thief in our area that night. The thought that it had been stolen was sickening, especially if the theft occurred while I was sleeping in my own tent. I spent the morning filing police reports (if only for insurance purposes), cancelling my cards, and visiting lost property. And the most amazing thing happened when I visited lost property – I got my bag back. My money wasn’t in there – and I wasn’t expecting it to be – but I was glad to have the rest back at least. As we were leaving, however, the dude at lost property came running after us and said that they did in fact have my money. It had just been removed and stored in a safe. Cue jaws dropping. I had over £100 in there. So it wasn’t technically a theft as nothing was stolen, but somehow my bag had been removed from my tent and ended up on the other side of the festival. And then handed into lost property. A Glastonbury miracle? I think so.
Anyway, now that I have that crazy anecdote out of the way, I’ll get back to the actual festival. Highlights from the festival included Beyonce’s headlining performance, Radiohead and Pulp as surprise guests, finally getting to meet Jaharn in person (blogger meet at Glasto – doing it in style!), and exploring the Green Fields. I’m sure there are plenty more memorable moments but the whole event was one giant blur of good times. And mud. Don’t even get me started on the mud. By the end of the festival I was wrecked, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s definitely something that I’m glad to have experienced. These are only a few snapshots from the festival, but you can see more photos on my Flickr page.

travel plans

This weekend I booked some flights to London. I’ll be heading over next June for five weeks. Mainly to visit my friend Bron who moved there earlier this year. And also because of a little festival that goes by the name of Glastonbury. Yes, you read correctly. I GOT TICKETS TO GLASTONBURY. I’ve been sitting on that one for a while now. Having exhausted the Aussie festival circuit, it was only natural that I take the next step and aim for arguably the most notorious music festival in the world. I’ll also be there for my birthday, which is an extra treat. I’ll probably be spending it absolutely exhausted though, as it’s the day after Glastonbury. Anyway, I’m just a tad (read: very) excited, and will be patiently counting down the days until June 2011. To all my readers who live in or have visited London, any advice on things to do would be much appreciated. I’m interested in anything and everything – from all the big touristy attractions to little things like quirky bars/art galleries/cafes/shops etc. If you’re a regular on this blog, then you probably already have a fair idea of the kind of stuff that I would be into. Thanks in advance to all those who answer the call!
Also, Happy Halloween! Hope you’re all getting your spook on. I went to a party last night (dressed up as Wednesday Addams) and took my Canon Sureshot camera along for the ride. Photos to come.