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mulberry ss13: behind the scenes

Fashion shows and campaigns seem to be becoming more and more of a spectacle. In a constant battle of one-upmanship between the big luxury houses, life sized trainscarousels, and palatial backdrops are almost a common feature on runways and campaign sets these days. Following the larger-than-life seaside ice-cream sculptures that featured in their SS12 campaign, Mulberry have moved the set of their SS13 campaign under the sea. With pastel hued corals and iridescent bubbles, model Meghan Collision shows off the latest Mulberry wares for spring. Although, with this fantastical set, it’s hard to focus on the clothes and accessories when the set is so mesmerising. 
Images via: oystermag

contributor magazine: disney girl

Remember the time I went to Disneyland Paris? A.K.A. the happiest day of my life? Well, this editorial in Contributor Magazine has brought all those memories flooding back. Everything from the sickeningly sweet smell of sugar (and coconut popcorn?) lingering in the air to the screams of exhilaration on Space Mountain. What I like about this editorial is that where you’d usually expect a fairytale storyline and clothes along the likes of Louis Vuitton and Chanel’s spring/summer collections, it instead works a juxtaposition between the fantastical landscape and the minimalist designs of Yohji Yamamoto and Maison Martin Margiela. The most frivolous piece of clothing I can see is a pair of metallic brogues (side note: want/need). Instead of playing up a saturated colourful landscape, photographer Magnus Magnusson has opted for something more lo-fi. Now excuse me while I spend the next hour reliving my trip to Disneyland Paris and dreaming of holidays long gone.
Contributor Magazine #5 ‘Disney Girl’
Photography: Magnus Magnusson
Styling: Stefanie Miano
Model: Bianca O’Brien

swim until you can’t see land

I really want to pack up and go to the beach. Pity it’s starting to get rainy again and there’s a huge mofo of a cyclone about to hit the coast (albeit a lot further up than where I am currently situated). Anyway, I really liked this image from the latest Russh magazine. It’s got that 90s supermodel vibe about it. I could easily imagine Elle or Christie or Claudia in the model’s place. It’s also got that black summer feel to it, which suits my situation perfectly at the moment. Pity then that when I do go to the beach and the wind is whipping my hair in all directions, I look less smouldering and more serpentine. Ah well, them’s the breaks I guess.
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Image source: via tfs forums
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