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just can’t get enough

The latest editorial from The Dreslyn is called “Baby, We Just Can’t Get Enough” and without sounding too cheesy, I just can’t get enough of it either. The minimalist approach to dressing offset by the colourful backdrops makes for a refreshing set of images. The editorial may be showcasing the latest fall wares, but I think it has the sensibilities of a spring-themed one too (all those crisp whites and neutrals). You can check out the editorial in full: here.

[Images supplied]

dream a little dream

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a magazine editorial that I really liked but this one from the October issue of UK Vogue has two things going for it: one, Venetia Scott shot it and two, it looks like it could be soundtracked entirely by Kate Bush songs. Wuthering Heights anyone?

UK Vogue October 2013
“Dream a Little Dream”
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Stylist: Bay Garrett
Hair: Tomo Jidai
Makeup: Sharon Dowsett
Model: Georgia May Jagger

[Images: thefashionspot]

kiernan shipka for es magazine

Is it weird to be in your twenties yet wishing you were as cool, calm, and collected as a thirteen year old? Not just any thirteen year old, though. Namely a Sally Draper-playing, Oscar de la Renta-wearing thirteen year old by the name of Kiernan Shipka. These styled images from a recent interview in ES Magazine are just too good. Usually the idea of dressing young kids up in really expensive designer clothes doesn’t sit right with me but Miss Shipka is the exception. Oh, the clothes. The clothes!

Photography: Nicole Noland
Styling: Nicky Yates
Hair: Bridget Brager
Make-up: Lauren Gott 
[Images: ES Magazine]


I came across this cute sixties-inspired editorial in the May issue of Vogue Australia (although upon further research I quickly discovered it was a reprint from the February issue of Vogue Germany). Retro-themed editorials are a dime a dozen these days, however, that doesn’t lessen their appeal for me. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of retro-styled editorials and campaigns, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be fond of them until they’re no longer the theme du jour. If that ever even happens. Because seriously, how can something that looks this good ever go out of style?*

*Famous last words for every trend, ever.

Photography: Sebastian Kim
Styling: Katie Mossman
Hair: Tuan Ahn Tran
Make-up: Maude Laceppe
Model: Edie Campbell
[Images via Empress of Dress]

lula #15: i’m on fire

Oh Lula, can I hire you to organise my next birthday party please? I am quite fond of piñatas and can rock a mean party dress. I’ll even promise to play nice and not hog the parcel in pass the parcel! From what I’ve seen of the latest Lula Magazine (thanks to bits and pieces dotted around the internet), this issue is looking all sorts of lovely. I’m determined to get my hands on a copy of it. Brisbane newsagencies, watch out!
“I’m On Fire”
Photography: Sofia Sanchez
Styling: Samuel François
Hair: Romina Manenti
Makeup: Rie Omoto
Model: Monica Sawicka
Images: tfs
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