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confetti system: tassel garlands

Best way to decorate a room, ever? Close to it, I think. I’ve been in a bit of a redecorating mood lately, and these tassel garlands would be a fun way to brighten up a space. I first spotted these over on Style Milk’s Instagram feed, and a quick internet search led me to the goods. You can purchase one of these garlands from the Confetti System shop, or DIY one using this tutorial from the Green Wedding Shoes website. Yay for colourful shiny things!

diy: gem embellished shirt

Inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana spring 2012 collection, I decided to DIY my own gem-embellished creation. Unable to find a suitable lacey number to embellish, I settled on a plain white t-shirt instead ($5 from Best & Less). This is a fairly quick and simple DIY. All you need is a top, some fancy looking gems, and craft glue. I still have heaps of gems left over so will be keeping my eye out for more things to embellish. More photos and instructions after the jump.

Bits and pieces. Make sure that the glue is suitable for fabric. The one I picked up is specifically for sticking gems onto things (woo hoo!) and is washable, which is what you want when gluing things to fabric.
Before you glue anything on, lay out the pattern. I stuck to a simple radiating pattern around the neckline.
After you’ve decided on a pattern, it’s time to start gluing. Just dot on a bit of glue to the backs of the gems and start applying. My tip is to stick to bigger sized gems as the smaller ones can get a bit fiddly. 
Also, if you are thinking of creating a really large, intricate pattern, stick to stiffer fabrics. Stretchy fabrics (like cotton t-shirts) may cause the glue to expand and gems to fall off. That’s partly why I stuck to such a small area on this t-shirt.

inspiration: dolce & gabbana spring 2012

My magpie tendencies have inevitably drawn me to these garments from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2012 collection. Could they be trying to bring back the bedazzler? If so, they’re definitely going the right way about it. I haven’t done a decent DIY in ages (the glitter shoe craze just floated past me), but I am seriously tempted to give this a go. Check list: a shirt/dress/skirt (lace optional), lots of baubles, and a hell of a lot of patience! Although for those lacking patience, like myself, it might be wise to start with something simple like a bejewelled collar.

via: dolce&gabbana

diy: floral appliqué tote

Cut, spray, stick. That’s all you need to do for this DIY. I scored this tote at a travel expo but it had a logo on the front which I desperately wanted to cover up. This tote was also originally a cream colour but I dyed it black prior to this DIY. The spray adhesive seems to be holding up fairly well, but we’ll see how durable it actually is as time goes by. I left the edges on my appliqué raw buy you can always neaten it up by sewing around the edges. This is a simple and effective way to update a plain old tote bag.

diy: charles anastase inspired dress

DIY Charles Anastase inspired ‘Amelie’ Dress
Inspired by Anna from Much Love‘s Frocktober effort, I decided I’d dedicate this post to one of my new favourite frocks. She invited me to take part in her ‘Friends For Frocktober‘ post, but because I hadn’t checked my emails in a few days I was a bit late on the boat. Anyway, I started making this dress a few months ago using a pattern I found in my mum’s stash of sewing supplies. Despite following the instructions, the end result was not as anticipated and I’ve only just finished tweaking the design, with the help of my mum who has all the super-duper dress fixing skills. I would now happily wear this dress every day for a whole month (laundry issues aside). Be sure to check out Anna’s efforts as she frocks up every day this October to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.

ETA: The pattern I used was Simplicity Pattern 7199 Misses’ Dress (circa 1990s).