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DIY: Glitter Box Clutch

I’ve had this transparent clutch bag from Molten Store for a while now, and recently I’ve been thinking of ways to decorate it in a way that’s not so see-through. Because sometimes I’d just prefer all my bits and bobs to not be on show. At first I toyed around with the idea of making different patterned pouches to fit inside it but laziness got the better of me. When I remembered that I had a glittery piece of card piled away somewhere I had my light bulb moment. What could be an easier DIY than effectively cutting a piece of cardboard?

What you need:
– Transparent clutch (mine’s old stock from Molten Store but you can always try eBay for similar clutches)
– Decorative card
– Ruler
– Pencil/marker
– Scissors

Measure and record the dimensions of the inside compartment of the clutch/bag you’re working with.

Measure and mark up the card accordingly. Then cut the card into the desired shape.

Press the card into the inner compartment. If you’ve measured correctly, the card should be a snug fit. If the card is too large, trim the edges with scissors or a craft knife until you achieve the desired fit. If the card is too small, try using some double sided tape to secure it to the inside of the clutch.

You could repeat the process for the other side of the clutch or leave it transparent, like I did. (Also, check out my Gemma Correll kitty case from Iconomesis. All of the cats!)

Et voila! A quick and easy but oh so effective way to dress up a clear clutch.

colour pop pen holders

Remember when I bought those limited edition Andy Warhol soup tins? Well, I’ve made my way through three of them already (mostly begrudgingly – there aren’t many ways to dress up tinned tomato soup) and here they are, acting as glorified pen and paintbrush holders. I managed to avoid spilling any soup onto the tins by wrapping them in tea towels while pouring and washing them. I also ran the back of a spoon around the rims to push them up and stop them from cutting into things (like stray fingers and hands for example). Now these little bits of everyday Pop Art make for quite the colourful additions to my desk.
Yes, that is a cat pen. I love it when friends bring me back gifts from Japan.

how to: diy leopard print

Lately I’ve had the urge to play around with patterns rather than specific images or objects. In keeping with my current obsession for all things leopard print, I thought I’d try my hand at creating my own take on the print. When it comes to leopard print, I’m very particular. I prefer clean, spaced out prints rather than crowded, muddled ones. The way I went about it basically involved painting some splodges onto paper (but you could very well do this using a tablet and stylus) and then using a contrasting colour to border the splodges. The end result was a very Flintstones-esque style of leopard print but you could easily create different effects by varying the brushes and strokes you use. My next project will be to see if I can recreate one of these by way of screen printing.

washi’d up

I’ve been on a washi tape buying kick lately. These are my most recent acquisitions. The three tapes on the left are purchases from yesterday’s Finders Keepers markets and the two on the right are mt tapes from Nook (but you can also purchase similar tapes online from Urban Outfitters). However, I’ve realised that I don’t have any birthdays coming up soon so I can’t put all this colourful tape to good gift wrapping use. I have seen some nifty DIYs involving washi tape, like phone covers and decorative containers, so I might have to give them a go in the meantime. Do you have any ideas as to what I could do with all this washi tape?

diy oven-bake clay necklace

The last time I used oven-bake clay I was probably in primary school. However, I’ve noticed it popping up all over the joint, especially in the form of jewellery at craft markets. Now, the thing with craft markets is that half the stuff you see and think “I could make that myself”. But 99% of the time you never do. When I passed a stand of oven-bake clay on a Spotlight run the other day, I couldn’t help but pick up a few packets so I could finally get around to creating my own colourful clay jewellery. Note to self: go back and buy the glow in the dark clay.

What you’ll need:
– Oven bake clay (I used Sculpey but you could also use Fimo)
– Skewers
– Jewellery string
– Scissors
– Knife/something to cut the clay with
– Oven

Cut the clay into even sized blocks so you get beads that will be roughly the same size.

Sculpt them into your desired shape. I opted for round beads (and then flat buttons on my second batch). I started with the silver clay first and noticed that the darker colour and shimmer would transfer from my hands onto the lighter clay. I might suggest working with the lightest colours first, moving in order of darkness. That, or keep washing your hands between colours.

Using a skewer, poke holes through the beads so that you’ll have something to thread your jewellery string through. I made sure to insert the skewer from both ends to get the nicest finish.

Place the beads on a baking tray and put them in the oven, following the instructions on your particular packet of clay. Mine suggested 15 minutes per 6mm of clay at 130 degrees celsius. However, taking into account my oven’s propensity for burning anything and everything, I turned it down to 100 degrees and baked them for 12 minutes, making sure to check constantly so they didn’t burn. I put mine on skewers since I didn’t want them to roll around or flatten out on the tray. I don’t think it makes much of a difference either way though.

After letting your clay beads completely cool, cut the jewellery string to your desired length, leaving a bit extra. Then thread your beads on in the order of your choosing. If you knew a thing or two about jewellery making (I don’t) then you could add a hook and clasp to the end of your necklace but I did the lazy thing and tied a knot instead.

I stuck with a fairly simple design, but you could seriously go nuts making all different shaped beads. The whole process is fairly straightforward (I didn’t really need to do a whole post on it but, you know, #content) and it’s a project you can easily complete in a crafternoon.
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