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day tripping

Earlier on in the year, a couple of my friends and I decided to drive an hour or so out of town and have lunch on top of a mountain. It was a bit of a refreshing change from our usual inner-city jaunts. I brought my Diana Mini along for the ride. I only just got around to developing the photos. Slack, I know. You can view more photos after the jump. But those with slow broadband be warned, it’s avery image heavy post.

How’s the serenity? If I were to swing the camera a bit more to the right you’d see the ocean.

This building was chock full of cuckoo clocks.

My favourite kind of country.

The only way all three of us were going to be able to get into a photo together.

There are a few more photos, but I’ll post them at a later date.

beach daze

Sno-cones at the beach. It’s almost a tradition.

It’s been cloudy and rainy and pretty miserable for the past week or so. I know there’s been a drought on for the past forever, and that we should all be happy for the rain, but seriously, I just want to sun to come out so I can go to the beach and eat sno-cones and all that other summer stuff, like in the above photos taken a month or so ago. In other news, my summer festival season kicks off with Sunset Sounds tomorrow. I’m a bit nonplussed about it so far. But we’re hiring an apartment in the city only a few streets away from the venue so I’m sure it’ll all start feeling a bit more festival-y tomorrow. No doubt I’ll be bursting out of my body in anticipation of seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform (bring on Thursday!) And this time I’ll actually see them. Unlike Splendour in the Grass 2006. Where I was so far back I only got a few glimpses of Karen O and saw the tops of a lot of people’s heads. Which is saying something, because usually I have no problems at festivals and concerts, and often thank my genes for being reasonably tall 🙂

bbq + boardgames

Testing out my Diana Mini at a friend’s BBQ. We beat the summer heat by staying in the shade, sipping on cold beverages, and playing boardgames till the sun went down! Photo-wise, I like the warmth of the colours. The photos turned out pretty well, despite the fact we were in the shade. Sometimes I’m scared of taking (film) photos that aren’t in full light. The last one resulted in a bit of an ugly lens flare. But I thought I’d post it anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever be blessed with cool lens flares. Sigh.

diana mini – take 2

This time I made sure all the settings were correct before I started shooting. In this photo I was trying out overlapping images. These hydrangeas are in the garden below my bedroom window. I used to be pretty indifferent towards hydrangeas. But now that they’re there I quite like them.

Most of the photos on this film are of friends and gatherings. So I might not post all of them due to privacy issues etc. But I’ll try and post as many as I can!

carpark graffiti

Triple exposure? Taken on my Diana Mini. I don’t quite know how this one came about. Either way, I’m quite happy it turned out this way. That’s one thing I quite like about film photography – everything’s a bit of a surprise (for better or worse lol). Anyway, I found this graffiti wall in the carpark behind one of my favourite breakfast haunts. I had no idea the carpark even existed. It’s discovery was quite a coup, considering street parking can be quite a hassle in this particular suburb. The cool graffiti was an added bonus.