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film photos: future music festival

DFA Stage @ Future Music Festival
Friendly Fires @ Future Music Festival
New Order @ Future Music Festival
New Order @ Future Music Festival
In my last post I mentioned going to Future Music Festival over the weekend. Like always, I took a film camera along for the ride. It’s not a festival I would usually go to and I wasn’t really interested until the second lineup was realeased with New Order and Friendly Fires on it. Luckily, I managed to score tickets through a Sportsgirl competition. Highlights of the festival were definitely Friendly Fires and New Order, as well as the free Cornetto ice creams that were being handed out (ice cream will always save the day). I also got to see a bit of Hercules & Love Affair, Die Antwoord, The Rapture, and The Wombats. Lowlights mainly had to do with the un-chill vibe of the crowds and the shocking traffic situation afterwards. My friend and I eventually managed to hail a taxi away from the festival site but others weren’t so lucky. I probably wouldn’t attend this festival again, but am so happy that I had the chance to finally see Friendly Fires (lots of missed connections in the past) and witness a seminal band like New Order perform.
1. Saw Hercules & Love Affair at the DFA stage. The Smirnoff sign kind of kills this photo for me.
2. Friendly Fires. Every time I listen to their songs now I have the urge to dance like Ed.
3. Lights at New Order. I really like how this turned out even though it’s not of anything in particular.

I posted more photos to Flickr but to be honest, I didn’t get many good shots.

st jerome’s laneway festival 2012

Moves like Jonny
The Drums
Toro Y Moi

These are a few shots from Laneway Festival on Saturday. Because of the rain, all the stages were moved undercover. This was a blessing (we didn’t get wet) and a curse (harder to get good photos). Due to it being such a good lineup, there were bound to be more than a few timetable clashes. I ended up seeing Yuck, Austra, Active Child, Cults, Feist, the end of Toro Y Moi, The Drums, and M83. Unfortunately I missed out on Girls, The Horrors, Washed Out, and SBTRKT. However, it turned out that I could have seen Washed Out since M83 started their set 45 minutes late due to ‘technical difficulties‘. They then had to finish their set early to appease council noise restrictions. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, M83 still managed to put on a solid performance. It was, however, such a disappointing end to what would have otherwise been a pretty epic day.
1 & 2: The Drums. My highlight, always a good show, still waiting to hear ‘Saddest Summer‘ live.
3: M83. The bassist is my new hero, that kid has moves!
4: Cults
5: Toro Y Moi
P.S. You can see a few more photos from the day over on my Flickr.
P.P.S. Big ups to blog reader Eva (I think that was your name, sorry if it’s not!) for saying hi.

harvest festival

Riverstage, Watching The National
Disco heart Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 
I finally got my Harvest Festival film developed this weekend. I’ve been really slack on the film photography front lately. I still have two rolls of unfinished film to get through, one of which dates back to the beginning of the year and the other which I had with me in Europe. I’m kind of afraid the latter might have been affected by too many airport x-rays. Anyway, I posted earlier about the Flaming Lips’ set at Harvest but these will hopefully give you a more rounded view of the festival. You can see a few more photos from the day over on my Flickr.
From top:
1. Confetti and balloons during The Flaming Lips
2. Sitting on the hill at the Riverstage, watching The National
3. Disco heart!
4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, with the Botanic Gardens as a backdrop
Also, congratulations to Eliza, who was the winner of my Status Anxiety giveaway. Thanks again to all who entered. Here’s to hopefully more giveaways in 2012!

wearing: anoraks in art galleries

So the lighting isn’t the best, and you can’t really see the details of my outfit, but who cares because there is a GIANT MULTICOLOURED HANGING SCULPTURE behind me. This is just a snippet from my day at the ‘21st Century: Art in the First Decade‘ exhibition at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. It was a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Although I might make a note of coming back during school hours so I don’t have to fight with kids to do cool stuff like play in the room full of balloons (!!!) and ride down giant slides. Yes, a slippery slide in the middle of an art gallery. Who would’ve thought eh? More photos to come!
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