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diy paper pinhole camera

My friend in London sent me this DIY paper pinhole camera kit a few weeks ago, and I’ve only recently gotten around to assembling it. After realising that a plain old glue stick wasn’t going to cut it, despite the camera being made from ‘just paper’, a tube of multigrip glue was purchased to make sure that this camera was going to be super solid. As a camera building novice, I did have some hair-tearing-out moments thanks to a few instructions that were open to interpretation but as you can see I got the job done in the end. All that’s left now is to load it with film and test it out! Anyone got any tips for using a pinhole camera?
For those interested, this DIY camera kit was purchased from Urban Outfitters.

new/old cosina camera

I don’t think I’ve shared the latest addition to my analogue camera family on the blog yet. It was actually a little something from my dad. While I was in Prague, he sent me a text (which I received at 5am, no less) saying he’d found and bought me an SLR camera and lens. Totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. While I was initially excited, I then realised I had to wait over two weeks before it was in my hands. Patience is not my strong point. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet as I’ve still got to get through unfinished films on my Holga and Diana Mini. I’m unfamiliar with this make of camera, so if anyone has had experience with one I’d love to hear your reviews.
Also, I’ve drawn the winner of my Viparo Clothing giveaway (with the help of good old random.org). Congratulations to Helena of fourzerofive. Thanks again to everyone who entered. I just wish you all could have gotten a prize!