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sunlight + the gentlewoman

New favourite colour combination + new favourite read.

These were taken earlier in the week, while I was savouring the short lived burst of sunshine and soaking up the early morning light (it’s now back to the torrential rain that seems to have set in for the summer). I came across the latest issue of The Gentlewoman while browsing the racks at Borders on the weekend. Even though this issue first went into circulation in September, it seems to take about three months for it to reach Australian shores. I’m still kicking myself for not picking up the first issue when I had the chance (I flicked through it, put it down, thought “I’ll come back for it later”, only to come back and find it sold out. I’ve subsequently been stalking Borders ever since so as not to repeat this mistake). As an extra bonus, it retails for a reasonable $10.95, as opposed to online sites which are charging at least $35. I’m only halfway through the magazine, but so far am finding it an intelligent and refreshing read. If you get the chance, I’d say it’s one magazine definitely worth picking up.