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another fashion book

I ventured into my local library on the weekend (first time in months) because I was in desperate need of new reading material. Unfortunately, the selection of fiction at my local library is pretty bland. Rows and rows of Danielle Steel, John Grisham and James Patterson? Sorry, but no thanks. The non-fiction section turned out to be much more fruitful. I borrowed Another Fashion Book, which “showcases the ambitious photographic archives of AnOther magazine”, as well as Figure Drawing for Fashion Design (hoping to pick up a few tips on proportion and perspective) and Green is the New Black – How to change the world with style. I’ve included some images from Another Fashion Book in this post. If you ever get the chance, definitely flick through it.

currently reading

I’ve finally finished reading the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and next on my list is this book. I found it while browsing Dad’s bookshelf and realised that I have not yet read anything by Truman Capote. So I thought I’d get cultured. (I’m mainly reading it for Breakfast at Tiffany’s… sssh!) Anyway, no doubt this book is fairly old. It’s tattered and worn, but I love finding books like this (although my heart broke a little when I found the torn pages). However, despite my love for finding old books, I am a complete narc when it comes to looking after my new books.

bargain books

The other day my local library was having a book sale so I thought I’d check it out. Turns out they were selling books for next to nothing. $5 for a box of books. Heck yes! A lot of the books were obviously ones that weren’t moving from the shelves or were a bit damaged. There were a lot of crime novels (snore), and piles of Mills & Boon novels (barf) so I really had to weed out the readable stuff from all the junk. I did manage to find some gems such as a copy of Lucky by Alice Sebold (author of the Lovely Bones) that was in great condition. I also grabbed some worn copies of The Hobbit and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I don’t know what compelled me to pick them up, because I already have my own copies of them. Maybe they just looked like they needed a loving home and my bookshelf is as good as any? I ended up just chucking lots of random books in (like Jane Fonda’s biography… hey, at a cost of around 20 cents, why not?). So now I have 22 books to add to my reading list. Bookwise, I think that’s me sorted for the rest of the year.

well read

Books that I should probably have already read by now, but haven’t. I ordered these off Book Depository the other week and they recently arrived in the mail. If I had waited a few days longer I would have discovered a discount code. Not that it matters much – these were only a little over £2 each.