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film photos: after the rain

Fenced flowers
Feet/After the rain
Some end-of-roll photos. You know, those ones where you go around snapping miscellaneous objects just to finish off the film? I’ve grown up with my dad calling them end-of-film-dog-photos. Mine are always a case of end-of-film-feet-photos. I took these one afternoon after an epic bout of torrential rain. I think they’ve got a certain moodiness about them, but I don’t know, maybe that’s just what I want to see. I’m always admiring those who can capture and and evoke certain moods with their photographs. You know, those ones where you take one look and you just get overcome with feeling. You don’t exactly have to know what feeling it is, but it’s there. Does anyone else know what I’m on about? Maybe all this babbling is the result of my morning caffeine hit. I think so.

halloween photos

Finally, a bunch of photos from Halloween. I didn’t get any good outfit shots (the pitfalls of always being behind the camera). But I went as Wednesday Addams so it was basically black on black with some white schoolgirl socks and shoes. FYI, while the name may be off-putting, exorcist leftovers are really delicious (spinach dip). Highlight of the night (and most frightening) was when someone made an entrance with a chainsaw. A real one. Turned on. Too far? I think so. More photos after the jump.

Halloween 2010
(Game faces on. We’re generally cheery people. Really)
SpookGeneral Halloween-ness

crystal shards and shapes

crystal shards and shapes
crystal shards and shapes
crystal shards and shapes
Playing around with my Diana Mini, and a bottle of citrine shards. These photos turned out pretty blurry and out of focus, but I think you get the general gist of it. Also, I finally got myself an account on lomography.com (about time, right?) so if anyone else is on there, link me your accounts or add me so we can be lomo cyber buddies and stuff. I’m pretty sure this is going to be my new favourite time-wasting website.

belated oktoberfest photos

Oktoberfest, Brisbane, 2010
Giant pretzels, beer, and Oompah bands. Not your average night on the town, but a fun one nonetheless. These are just a few photos from Oktoberfest celebrations in Brisbane two weeks ago. I took these photos on my Canon film camera. Previously it had just been taking up space in my desk drawer, but I’ve recently become fond of it again. It produces much clearer images than my Lomos (apart from the blurring as a result of not using the flash), and it’s all automatic so it’s pretty much idiot proof (yay). You can see more photos from the night on my flickr.