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photos: wild things and purple blocks

Purple Rectangles
I realised I had a bunch of photos on my flickr that I never ended up sharing here. These photos are from earlier on in the year. A rainy day spent antiquing (although I didn’t buy anything so I guess it just counts as window shopping) and hanging out in a part of town that I don’t usually hang out in. I love me some Where The Wild Things Are so I definitely had to snap a pic of the Max street art. It’s on the wall of a cafe, apparently. But it was closed when I was there and I didn’t catch the name of it. The purple thing is actually an exhaust for a major tunnel. They are quite polarising and opinion-dividing. Some people like them while others think they are ugly. I like the purple one but don’t like the matching red one. I guess that puts me in neutral territory.

matt & kim: big day out

Matt rules at life
Matt and Kim, Big Day OutMatt and Kim, Big Day Out
Matt and Kim, Big Day Out
“Who was your favourite act at Big Day Out?”
“Matt and Kim”
“… who?”
That conversation has played out a lot over the past couple of days. If you fall into the category of people who don’t know who Matt and Kim are, then I say, get yourselves educated. Their Big Day Out set was one for the ages. So much so, that I am dedicating a whole post to it. Tucked up on the hill at the Lilyworld stage, there were only a few hundred people who bore witness to the amazingness that was Matt and Kim. Everyone was dancing around and loving life. Well, everyone in the first couple of rows anwyay. I didn’t bother checking behind me. These two are hands down the cheeriest band ever. EVER. It was infectious. You couldn’t help but smile. If they ever play in your town, go see them. You won’t regret it. Fact.
P.S. I’ve posted a whole lot more of my Big Day Out photos on my flickr. So feel free to mosey on over!

mystery jets @ the hifi, brisbane

Mystery Jets @ HiFi, BrisbaneMystery Jets @ HiFi, Brisbane
Last night I saw Mystery Jets at The Hi-Fi in Brisbane. I’d been looking forward to this gig for a long time and it’s safe to say that the boys from Eel Pie Island met (and exceeded) my every expectation. The only thing I found disappointing was the lack of a crowd. The Hi-Fi was half full at best and, in my opinion, these boys deserved a much bigger audience. The smaller audience did have its upsides though – unobstructed views and plenty of dancing room! I’m quite horrible at giving ‘reviews’ because most times I just like something or I don’t, and can’t be bothered explaining why. If I were to try and choose highlights for the night, off the top of my head, I’d say that they would include Two Doors Down, After Dark and Behind The Bunhouse. Although, as more songs come to mind, this list would most certainly grow until it featured every song on the setlist. I took my Canon Sureshot along for the ride and had my fingers crossed that it would take some decent photos in such low light settings. I think it did the job quite well, considering. You can see more photos from the night on my flickr.
Mystery Jets @ HiFi, Brisbane
Mystery Jets @ HiFi, BrisbaneMystery Jets @ HiFi, Brisbane

ringing in 2011

NYE Fireworks
NYE Champagne
A few snippets from my New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fireworks were watched, champagne was guzzled, and a lot of merriment ensued. I ended up taking two cameras for the night – my Diana Mini and Canon Sureshot. I only took a few shots on my Diana as it was nearing the end of the roll – those photos are mostly of friends so I won’t put them up here. These are from the second half of the night, which was spent at a party in the city (the first half of the night was spent at a house party in the ‘burbs). The venue in the city was quite close to where the fireworks were happening so we were able to pop out just before midnight to watch them. We had a fairly obstructed view, but it was still worthwhile viewing. I think that there’s something quite cathartic about ringing in the new year with fireworks. Anyway, you can find more photos after the jump. They don’t really make sense but hey, the best nights hardly ever do.

Cheers to 2011
Tips, please.
Cozy CornerLet's hope it's not permanent marker
Too much revelry + permanent markers = some interesting body art.
I’d also like to shout out the lovely people who found my phone in the taxi and then returned it to me the next day. I’m sure the last thing you’d want to do on New Years Day is chase up a complete stranger. But they did and I’m all the more grateful for it. I hope you all rang in 2011 just the way you wanted to – be it out watching fireworks or snug up at home. Without getting too sappy, I’d just like to thank everyone who reads/follows/comments on this blog. I really do appreciate all of your support. Here’s to a stellar 2011!