Kester Black x Original & Mineral

Who doesn’t love a good collab? One of my favourite beauty brands Kester Black has teamed up with with Australian hair care brand Original & Mineral to create a collection of 12 unique nail polish colours. Inspired by the earthy tones and colours of nature, the O&M colours are a bit more subdued than what you’d usually expect from Kester Black polishes. Pictured here are (from top) ‘Queenie’, ‘Conquer Blonde’ and ‘Know Knott’. I’ve tested all three and like other Kester Black polishes these provide even coverage and last for a couple of days before beginning to chip, depending on how well you prep/seal your nails I guess. I’m a no base coat, two coats of colour and you’re done kind of gal, so pretty slack in that respect, but they still look good regardless! The collection is available for a limited time and can be purchased online at Kester Black or through selected retailers across Australia.

Nail polishes c/o Kester Black

Lake Patenggang + Rancabali Tea Plantation

In my first week in Indonesia, I ended up covering a lot of ground and spending a fair bit of time exploring the mountainous regions surrounding Bandung. In my last travel post I outlined a sunny morning spent at Kawah Putih. Afterwards, we explored a bit more of the region and headed to Lake Patenggang (the hot springs would just have to wait). The drive to Lake Patenggang is a picturesque one as the area is surrounded by lush tea plantations. On the way we pulled over on the side of the road and got snap happy. By this time in the afternoon the climate had cooled dramatically and an eerie fog was descending over the mountain. It only got heavier as we arrived at the lake. At the lake there’s a small market and you can head out on one of the many boats. We opted not to and instead explored the shores of the lake. Which were covered in rubbish. I had forgotten just how prevalent rubbish is in Asia, even at scenic tourist destinations like this. Aside from that, there was something calming about the being by the water and watching the fog roll in and I can only imagine what a hive of activity the place must be on a bright, sunny day.

What: Lake Patenggang and Rancabali Tea Plantation
Where: Ciwidey, around a two hour drive south of Bandung, Indonesia.
Entry cost: I can’t remember the exact cost but it was basically loose change. However, the international tourists in my group did get charged a higher entry fee (even me, and here I was thinking I could fool them all).

– Time your trip wisely. We ended up travelling back to Bandung during peak hour and ended up in a hellish 3+ hour traffic jam.
– The roads around the mountain are winding, narrow, and quite hectic. There was quite a bit of swearing coming from us girls in the back seats. Make sure you have an experienced driver, or at least someone who is familiar with the area and Indonesian traffic.

How Do You Brew?

It would seem that I like my coffee colourful and cute. These days I can’t leave a homewares store without purchasing something and this KeepCup and Bodum French press are my latest acquisitions. Because, seriously, how can you say no to this kind of cute? My latest coffee find has been Mannya Trading Co. which is one of the latest initiatives of the Cotton On Foundation. The company uses direct trade principles and works hand in hand with farmers in Uganda, and all gross profits from coffee sales goes back into the project to help fund education and facilities for farmers. On top of that, if their Kabingo Twanzane blend is anything to go by, the coffee is pretty darn tasty. The only bone I have to pick is that the ground coffee is very fine, which probably makes it more suitable to a pour over/filter method. Next time I’ll probably buy whole beans and get them ground coarser. At home I tend to use a French press because I feel that a) instant coffee is gross and b) coffee machines are a bit of a hassle for the home. Also, I’m not too sure how I feel about pod coffee. It just seems like glamourised instant coffee and very wasteful. I am keen to try the pour over method though so if you have any tips to impart that would be most helpful. How do you brew?

Midnight Lovers

Today’s round up of themed objects is for all the stargazers and night owls out there. My affinity for the night sky and all things moon/star/constellation-related has reached fever pitch lately and is being further enabled by the amount of *good stuff* out at the moment. Instead of gazing listlessly at far off galaxies, these items are a way to bring those celestial bodies a bit closer to home.

1. Jasmine Dowling for Club of Odd Volumes Pillowcase
2. Fenton & Fenton Star Light
3. Zoe Karssen ‘Midnight Lovers’ T-shirt
4. Pink LouLou Star Ring
5. Crescent Brass Bottle Opener
6. Many Moons Boxed Card Set

Louvelle Showerwear

The simple act of showering is about to get a whole lot glamorous thanks to Australian label Louvelle. Designed by Simone Taylor, Louvelle’s range of luxury showerwear takes its cue from bohemian-style turbans and headscarves. The designs have a distinct retro glamour to them and you could easily envisage the likes of Bianca Jagger and Sophia Loren donning some of Louvelle’s chic showerwear. Not only do Louvelle’s range of turbans and headbands look good, but they also serve a purpose. Wear them in the shower to keep you hair dry and frizz-free or use them to protect your hairline when applying or removing makeup. They look so good you’d also be forgiven for wanting to wear them out of the house. So, get ready to ditch those tacky plastic shower caps because Louvelle have got you covered from here on in.

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