Adventure Kit

Adventure Kit
Adventure Kit
This summer I’ve resolved to spend more time being active in the great outdoors. It all started when I was in Indonesia, hiking up a mountain and thinking “why don’t I do this more often at home?” It’s not that there’s nothing around, there are plenty of scenic spots basically right on my doorstep. Maybe it’s just that I’ve become complacent. Anyway, in light of my summer resolution, these are just a few of my essentials: a good backpack, sensible walking shoes, shades, and something to capture all your adventures on. Other things like hats, water bottles, sunscreen, and insect repellent just don’t photograph as well 😉

MiPac backpack c/o Debenhams
ASOS classic retro sunglasses
– Lomography Holga 135BC camera
Nike Free 5.0 sneakers

Two Thousand & Fifteen

I’m a sucker for a good calendar. Every year I have a wish list of several calendars but choosing just one or two is painful as I’m horrible at decision making. Plus, if you have nine different wall calendars scattered throughout your house then you’ll probably (definitely) come across as a bit of a time-obsessed weirdo. While my inner stationery nerd enjoys calendar shopping, I do not enjoy the accompanying realisation that another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. Some people view the New Year as an opportunity for #newbeginnings and #resolutions but I’m more of the panicky where-did-the-time-go-why-hasn’t-anyone-invented-time-machines-yet kind. Unlike previous New Years, however, this year I actually have plans (helloooo Falls Festival Byron Bay) so there is something to look forward to when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Other than breaking out a fresh new calendar, of course. These are just some of my picks for the year ahead. Scroll down or click on an image for the source.

Doughnut Days

Chester Street Doughnuts
There’s no denying that doughnuts are having a moment right now. It used to be that case that doughnuts in Brisbane were either of the cheap supermarket or chainstore variety but these days artisan doughnuts are becoming much more visible. I’m particularly looking forward to the launch of Doughnut Time next year (which will just happen to be conveniently located inside one of my favourite pizza places, Alfredo’s). In the meantime I’ve been snacking on these doughnuts from Chester Street Bakery – blueberry crumble and strawberry. Yum! I’ve also heard good things about Nodo Donuts so I think I’m going to have to start eating my way around the best doughnut places in Brisbane. As research. For science. Definitely for science…
Chester Street Doughnuts
Chester Street Doughnuts
Chester Street Doughnuts

Soph’s Summer Beach Kit

It’s starting to look a lot like… summer. Which of course, in Australia, also means Christmas but let’s just focus on the summer part. Because right now all that’s going through my head is “How good would the beach be right now? I can’t wait to go to the beach. Let’s go to the beach. Why don’t I live closer to the beach?” Due to my lack of foresight and poor planning, I didn’t take advantage of the G20 long weekend that just passed to skip town and clock some beach hours. Instead I took respite from the heatwave by eating my weight in watermelon. Which, in my books, is still a pretty good way to while away the hours *thumbs up emoji*. Anyway, here’s some beach/pool attire that I think would go down a treat this summer.

Clockwise-ish from top left:
1. Lack of Color ‘The Spencer’ Wide Brimmed Fedora
2. Gorman ‘Prowl’ Sunglasses
3. The Beach People ‘Aztec’ Roundie Towel
4. Seed Heritage ‘Cara’ Espadrille Slides
5. Molten Store ‘Wild One’ Weekender Bag
6. Kuwaii ‘Rationale’ One-piece Swimsuit

Obus Summer Sandals

It’s hard to fathom how Aussie label Obus has never been mentioned on my blog until now. Their latest summer collection is a cracker (if you haven’t already, you should check it out) and it isn’t just limited to the clothing. Their summer collection consists of a wide range of footwear, from crossover slides to T-bar sandals and slip-on espadrilles. I’m all about the crossover sandal/slide at the moment and Obus have them in a range of colours and styles – from pastel pinks to cool metallics. Whether you’re after a simple sandal or some more eye-catching kicks, Obus will sort you out this summer.

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