lazy days

Cardigan: Miss Shop | Shirt: AA | Shorts: Sportsgirl | Bag: Forever New | Ring: Diva

This outfit is in a similar vein to one of my earlier posts, my apologies for lack of creativity. Wore this for a lovely lazy day at the park with the girls (but the photo is taken in my backyard). Cupcakes, cheese + crackers, fresh bread, and delicious dips were a must.


Having a blah day today. Popped out to the chemist to get some cold and flu medicine.Couldn’t be bothered playing around with the camera to get a good shot.

Sportsgirl check shirt
AA deep v-neck tee in creme
sass&bide strayed misfits
Wittner shoes
Vintage Oroton bag (courtesy of my mother’s wardrobe)

I’m a bit over the whole check/flanno trend as it’s pretty much reached saturation point but today I just couldn’t help myself.

On a side note, my blogging over the next week might be a bit erratic, maybe even non-existent, as my computer broke today and needs fixing. Sad face. I’m currently stealing internet moments on my dad’s laptop.


What I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what I plan on reading next.

No outfit post today. I’ve been stuck at home with a cold (but at least I don’t have pharyngitis again), and track pants and hoodies aren’t really that exciting or blog-worthy. Being stuck at home has allowed me to catch up on my reading, and these are three of the latest. In an effort to become more cultured, I’ve decided to start reading all those books that you ‘should’ read, and am steering away from chick-lit. Hence Last Exit To Brooklyn and Beloved. Arlington Park I picked up purely because of the cover (I like birds.. I only realised it was a dead bird later on) and boy did I regret it. When I finished the book I was kind of like “is that it?” *is confused as to what the whole point of the book was*. Or maybe I’m just dumb. Last Exit is pretty intense, to say the least, but I’m enjoying it a lot more than Arlington Park. Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to post in the next few days.

PS. Listen to Albert Hammond Jr.’s new album, ¿Cómo Te Llama? I’m absolutely loving it, and believe that it’s my moral duty to share the Albert love XD

saturday night

… and the feeling’s right… or not.

Leather Jacket: Sportsgirl | Striped Top: ? | Skirt: Handmade

Went to a friends place for drinks, with intentions of going out clubbing after. But it was cold and rainy and windy so I opted to go home instead of traipsing through the cold cold rain. Oh, sometimes I can be an old granny. As for shoes, I hadn’t decided which ones to pick yet. It was either a choice between black ankle boots, ballet flats or patent t-bars (I ended up choosing the flats).

military jacket

Jacket: Valleygirl | Tank dress: CR | Tights: Levante | Shoes: Scooter | Bag: Vintage

Here I’m wearing another cheapo valleygirl find – the jacket, which I picked up at the same time as the vest a few posts down. On the rack it looked a bit dodgy but I was like hey, I’ll try it and see how it goes. The buttons are a bit tacky and I’m still on the lookout for nicer gold buttons to replace them with. Oh, and the tree background again – it’s just a nice place in the mornings to take photos XD