flowers in my hair… and on my cake

No outfit post today. First day back at uni and I was rushed and ended up wearing a slightly boring jeans/tee/cardigan combo. But I did add a little floral headband. It’s actually a material type belty thing from one of my floral dresses. And in keeping with the floral theme I added a nice pic of some flowers that were on my birthday cake (old-ish photo). Nawww. In other news, I’ve paid off my credit card bill etc etc so soon enough I will hopefully have some lovely new additions to my wardrobe that I can blog about (yay for online shopping!) And my CC will hate me once more. Hurrah!

thankyou, australia post

Be ready for a mini rant. I received this in the mail today. An apparent second reminder to pick up some registered mail. However, I never received a first. Now, if this was the first time this had happened, I probably wouldn’t really be so annoyed by it. But this has happened three or four times now. Apparently dad found a blank reminder like this on the driveway last week. But blank = no deal.
I guess you could just look at this and be like “better late than never”. In the end, I still got my tickets, albeit a lot later than I had expected. Actually, I lie, I wasn’t expecting them at all. I totally forgot that I had bought them. But it’s just the principle of it all. I know I never received the first notice to pick them up. It’s not like I lost it or dropped it or possums stole it from the letterbox. More so, what are the chances of that happening on multiple occasions? Things like this annoy me. All of a sudden, it’s as if it’s my fault that I haven’t picked up my mail and now they have to chase me up.

I had planned on being assertive and bringing it up with the lady at the post office, but at the last minute I decided not to because she scares me (oh, I’m a mature one). She probably thinks that I’m just that irresponsible girl that never picks up her mail. So I just signed for my tickets and left. Reading back over this now, I don’t know if I’m just being petty or if I have a legitimate excuse to be annoyed. I guess at the end of the day, I have my Cold War Kids tickets in my hands, and I should just be happy about that.

na na na na BATMAN

Tonight I’m going to a housewarming, and it has been stipulated that there is a ‘Mask Theme’. Excited at the chance that I could finally wear a pretty mask (ever since watching that episode of Gossip Girl *looks sheepish*) I headed to spotlight to check out their wares and other crafty things. I had an image in my head of a fancy ‘masquerade ball’ type mask. You know the one – lots of sequins, glitter, maybe even feathers. But… upon arrival, what’s the first thing that catches my eye? A BATMAN MASK! Yes, that’s right, in that split second all thoughts of sequins and glitter and other shiny things disappeared. And what better a time to wear a Batman mask? I mean, the new movie has just been released (which I still haven’t seen) so it could be viewed as sort of a homage to The Dark Knight. Aaaaaannnd… it’s a freakin’ BATMAN MASK! Ok, maybe I’m getting a little too excited over this. Sigh. Anyway, I’m off to plan the rest of my outfit for tonight. na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

cupcakes & carousels

As part of my daily adventures (after the free blow dry, and to console myself on the fact that I just do not have the talent for op-shopping) I went for coffee and cupcakes at this cute place called Carousels. All the cupcakes looked deliciously delightful, and all had inspired names. I ordered a “Cherry Baby”. It was either that or “The Fonz”. My friend ordered a cappucino-ish cupcake, I can’t recall the name though. The place was just so ridiculously cute. It was decorated in a kind of retro 50s theme and the booths had these awesome collaged table-tops. They played Frank Sinatra and the girls that worked there wore full swing skirts and cute aprons, which I thought was just so… cute! I know, I should think of a better word, or utilise a thesaurus at least, but my brain is just not wanting to work right now. All in all, I think I’ve found my new happy place.

blazers and bows

Blazer: Country Road | Shirt: AA | Jeans: Lee Riders | Shoes: Urban Original

Wore this out to a friend’s 21st. Here I’m wearing my miu miu rip-offs. Sigh. I don’t usually go for obvious fakes, but as my pro-con list for buying a pair of the originals was mostly in favour of ‘con’ (eg. waaay out of my student budget, I don’t actually wear heels on a regular basis, I trash all my shoes anyway) I made do with these ones from UrbanOriginal. On a happier note, the blazer that I’m wearing was a lovely find. RRP $350, but I got it for $100. Yay for bargains (oh I use that word lightly!)