Pineapple Express Cafe

Usually the idea of going out for breakfast at 8am on a weekend is beyond me but when it came to visiting Pineapple Express Cafe I’m glad I got in early. When I arrived all the seats inside were already occupied and by 9.30am this placed was packed with diners and people grabbing their morning take-away coffees. Pineapple Express Cafe opened earlier this month and is a welcome addition to the Portside precinct. The cafe interiors are bright and cheery (the fit out was done by Tú Projects, who have worked on a bunch of restaurants around Brisbane) however seating is quite limited when busy. I would have liked to have gotten some shots of the interior but it was pretty packed and I didn’t want to be a creep. You’ll just have to take my word for it or visit it for yourself. I opted for the old favourite of avocado on toast (with feta and dukkah) but being a superfood cafe, there are smoothies and acai bowls up to your eyeballs. Also: Cocowhip. If it wasn’t a chilly morning I totally would have had all of the frozen things. While the avocado on toast wasn’t the best I’ve had in Brisbane, at $10 for two slices it’s by far one of the most affordable. They also offer some healthy lunch options and if I lived or worked nearby, I could easily see myself becoming a regular customer.

This post was in partnership with Tú Projects, who did the fit out for Pineapple Express Cafe.


  1. Matthew Pike June 28, 2015

    I'd make it for 8am, for sure!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. she. June 29, 2015

    this looks like seriously cute place to have a meal.


    • Inside they have a mural of a VW beetle which is pretty cute. Lots of Pineapple stuff everywhere too.


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