Love: Linen Quilt Covers

Let’s talk about quilt covers. Linen quilt covers in particular. I currently have one adorning my bed and cannot speak highly enough of it. Is adulthood defined by an increasing love of homewares? Because that’s pretty much been my experience over the past couple of years (which isn’t saying much to be honest). What I love about linen covers is that they age beautifully and become softer with each wash. They’re perfect for creating that inviting, lived-in look. While my quilt cover is one I bought on a whim on sale at Target a while ago, I’ve been scouring the internet for more linen goods. These linen quilt covers are topping the list.

Pure linen quilt cover from I Love Linen
Duvet and pillow case set from Scottie Store
Linen duvet cover from CULTIVER
Linen duvet cover from IN BED Store
Linen quilt set from In The Sac
Blind & Fold linen quilt from Mr Kitly

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