Kester Black Nail Polish Remover

It’s already been established that I really, really like Kester Black stuff. When they offered to send me a bottle of their new water based nail polish remover I jumped at the chance to try it out. Nail polish remover is basically a necessary evil but Kester Black has flipped that notion on its head with their latest offering. Like other products in the Kester Black range their water based nail polish remover is Australian made and Choose Cruelty Free, Cruelty Free International, and Vegan Society accredited. It’s also acetone and acetate-free, non-flammable, and contains goodies like aloe vera and vitamin E. I’ve used acetone-free removers in the past but more often than not they’ve left my nails looking a bit worse for wear. This Kester Black nail polish remover, however, left my nails in good condition. One lightly soaked cotton wool ball easily removed a hand’s worth of nail polish (two coats + top coat) and the white peach fragrance is just the icing on top of an already pretty fantastic, albeit inedible, cake. I also made a little video, plus a pros and cons list, which you can check out at the end of this post.

Kester Black Nail Polish Remover
(For those playing at home, the music is a looped intro to Saturdays by Cut Copy)

– First up, most importantly, it works. So that’s always a major ‘pro’.
– It’s gentle on nails and skin, and nowhere near as abrasive as some removers can be.
– A little bit of nail polish remover goes a long way. I used one lightly soaked cotton wool ball per hand, but probably could have stretched it more.
– The white peach fragrance smells pretty damn good. Although, as much as you’ll be tempted, it’s probably best not to sniff it straight from the bottle.
– It’s a cruelty free product, so good vibes all round.

– It does take a bit of rubbing to start getting the nail polish off, as you can see in the video. However, as the remover is quite gentle, the rubbing action doesn’t really strip the nail or damage it in any way.
– At $20 a pop it’s much more than what you’d pay for a supermarket/chemist nail polish remover.
– Those outside of Australia might have some difficulty trying to get their hands on a bottle.

Overall, this nail polish remover gets two (nail polish-free) thumbs up from me. I’ll definitely be sticking with it in the future. In the meantime, you can head to the Kester Black website to shop online or find a stockist. 

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