Two Thousand & Fifteen

I’m a sucker for a good calendar. Every year I have a wish list of several calendars but choosing just one or two is painful as I’m horrible at decision making. Plus, if you have nine different wall calendars scattered throughout your house then you’ll probably (definitely) come across as a bit of a time-obsessed weirdo. While my inner stationery nerd enjoys calendar shopping, I do not enjoy the accompanying realisation that another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. Some people view the New Year as an opportunity for #newbeginnings and #resolutions but I’m more of the panicky where-did-the-time-go-why-hasn’t-anyone-invented-time-machines-yet kind. Unlike previous New Years, however, this year I actually have plans (helloooo Falls Festival Byron Bay) so there is something to look forward to when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Other than breaking out a fresh new calendar, of course. These are just some of my picks for the year ahead. Scroll down or click on an image for the source.


  1. Jane December 4, 2014

    Ooh these are all really nice! I love the idea of a calendar but I never end up using it and it ends up stuck on March for the rest of the year haha.

    • soph // and other things December 4, 2014

      I'm like that with diaries and planners! I think with calendars they're always in a place I can see them so I use them often but diaries always end up in a desk drawer or hidden under piles of stuff.

  2. Matthew Pike December 5, 2014

    Some really tasty stuff here. I usually have a where's wally one but would really like a more modern one this year. Hollie has a cool one that you just wipe clean every year, and reuse.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. Jamie-Lee Burns December 6, 2014

    I don't normally buy calendars but I am really loving these options – think I might just have to this year…

  4. Jazzy E (Hivenn) December 7, 2014

    Awesome selection!!

  5. LUCIANA CORRALES December 10, 2014

    The first calendar is such a great design!
    I love it! I think i need to get one for my office!!!

    x Luciana

  6. she. December 14, 2014

    these are amazing calendars, I am in utter amazement.

  7. 2015 - & Other Things August 23, 2017

    […] rubbish with goal setting so instead I’m  finding great satisfaction in filling out calendars for the year ahead as it’s making me feel a lot more organised than I probably am. Here’s to a productive […]


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