Midnight Lovers

Today’s round up of themed objects is for all the stargazers and night owls out there. My affinity for the night sky and all things moon/star/constellation-related has reached fever pitch lately and is being further enabled by the amount of *good stuff* out at the moment. Instead of gazing listlessly at far off galaxies, these items are a way to bring those celestial bodies a bit closer to home.

1. Jasmine Dowling for Club of Odd Volumes Pillowcase
2. Fenton & Fenton Star Light
3. Zoe Karssen ‘Midnight Lovers’ T-shirt
4. Pink LouLou Star Ring
5. Crescent Brass Bottle Opener
6. Many Moons Boxed Card Set


  1. Martha Lawless October 21, 2014

    Love this star light – so pretty!

    Martha at Lawless Lifestyle x

    • soph // and other things October 23, 2014

      Isn't it just? I'm thinking it'd be fun to try and create a DIY version with a shadow box and fairy lights.

  2. Aisling October 26, 2014

    So cute! I love star things. I have a small star tattooed on my wrist and star-shaped fairy lights on my bed!

    – Aisling

    • soph // and other things October 27, 2014

      The star fairy lights sound magical! A small star tattoo sounds cute too. I think a small crescent moon would also be a fun idea for a tattoo.


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