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I never thought I’d see the day where I’d go to a nineties costume party, mainly because that decade still seems too recent to be ripe for “retro” costume party fodder. However, it’s over twenty years since the beginning of the nineties and I am, in fact, going to a nineties-themed party. Because I was still very much a child during this decade, I didn’t get to watch many of the seminal TV series and films associated with the nineties until I was well into my teens/twenties. My nineties looked something like this: lots of overalls and bike pants, Fun Dip, The Baby-Sitters Club, Samurai Pizza Cats, Spice Girls, Goosebumps, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, dolphins (lol), and countless afternoons terrorising the neighbourhood on my hot pink BMX bike. With that in mind, I started to workshop a nineties outfit with items readily available in stores. It also gave me a reason to finally buy a pair of dungarees (not that I needed much persuading). All that’s left now is to party like it’s 1999.

Clockwise-ish from left:
Moto bleach dungarees – I bought a similar pair from Glassons but they don’t appear to be on the website yet.
Topshop 90s round sunglasses
My Kitsch ring set
Topshop sun necklace – I’m not actually a fan of this necklace but sun, peace, and yin yang symbols pretty much summed up the nineties. Oh, and dolphins.
Mini Milk Lip Smackers
New Look jelly sandals
Baggu striped backpack


  1. Hannah July 20, 2013

    Oh dolphins – I loved dolphins. It was all I drew, thought about and read about. In fact I still have a desire to swim with a dolphin… but then I guess who doesn't.

    Also bike short in 90's patterns. I was a child so it makes sense. And sunflowers.

    • I think I even had a dolphin bed spread hahaha. One of the best camping experiences I ever had was at Tangalooma, and going for a dip one morning and having a mum and baby dolphin swim nearby. Better than paying ridic $$$ to swim with them at Sea World I think (but at Sea World you get to touch them so that's cool I guess)

    • Hannah July 21, 2013

      Oh I had a dolphin bed spread alright. I also has ceramic and glass dolphins, and do you remember those wall plates you would buy out of magazines? I had them too, and I would cut out the pictures in the magazines too and stick them up as well haha. I also had a floor mat with dolphins come to think of it…

      One day when I feel rich… which won't be any day soon!

  2. Erin July 20, 2013

    A 90's themed party sounds like fun! Great picks 🙂 x

  3. Megan July 20, 2013

    I really want some overalls, I am sure by the time that I get some they will be out of fashion again.
    I love the idea of a ninties dress up party for my 22nd bday I had a ninties music theme, we only played ridiculously good but oh so bad ninties pop it was tremendous.
    Enjoy the party!

    • They are everywhere in stores right now. I reckon the pair I bought will last me some time to come. I'm pretty much obsessed with them. Plus, they'll always come back in fashion later on down the track haha

  4. Sandy Joe July 20, 2013

    Lip smackers is definitely an essential. Pink Lemonade was always my jam.

    x The Pretty Secrets

    • OMG YESSSS! Pink lemonade was the best. I think it was that, watermelon, and vanilla that rotated between.

  5. Harriet July 20, 2013

    Love your 90s outfit! It does seem a bit wrong to be wearing this stuff when you remember it the first time around though, I agree. I never thought I'd be after a pair of jelly shoes over the age of eight, but I am definitely reconsidering them though!

    • I never had jellies as a kid (mum thought they were tacky haha) so am making up for lost time. They are super comfy I can't believe I had to wait 20+ years to experience the joy of jellies.

  6. Blithely Unaware July 21, 2013

    I was a tween/teen in the 90's (18 in 1999!!!) and wore it all – the grunge, homie, minimal, Beverly Hills 90210 inspired, hippie, skater… LOVED IT. I'm telling you now I HONESTLY thought to myself that the fashion was SO AWESOME it couldn't ever get better. Granted at that stage I was about 15 and rocking overalls, Esprit hoodies, Sportsgirl t-shirts, floral dresses over bell bottom jeans and clogs… then in the mid 90's I thought the same thing while wearing Cross Colours, Stussy, flannelette shirts, floral babydoll dresses, chunky cable knit cardigans and Docs. I look back now and some of these things make me cringe but others make me smile and I'd totally wear them again. I'm going to get overalls for summer, seriously the easiest thing to wear – ever.

    Viva la 90's!!!


    • Woahhh sounds like you were a super chameleon in the 90s! And Esprit tops! I thought I was soooo cool with my Esprit tops hahaha.

  7. Your 90's sounds a lot like my 90's, only my bike was purple (and covered in Spice Girls stickers, because obviously).

  8. bekswhoknits July 22, 2013

    ok I feel really old now because the 90s were me 5 – 15, so I remember the terrible music. I really liked 90s pop and my prized posession was my Hanson t-shirt.
    And the arm bracelets that had swirls on them? And the fake tattoo necklaces???
    That's the 90s for me.

    • I was only three years off that. And don't you worry, I remember the terrible music too (even though I thought it was amazing at the time *cough*Aqua*cough*bwitched*cough*). Although it was interspersed with goodies like Beastie Boys and Air and White Town (only Your Woman because isn't that like the only song they had? hahaha) because I was an odd child.

    • ALSO, I tried finding those fake tattoo necklaces for the party but no dice.

  9. Chantelle July 22, 2013

    Can't believe we're doing throwbacks already to the 90's. Scares me too.

    • Before you know it there will be noughties parties (envisioning lots of Lady Gaga and The Strokes outfits).

  10. jamie-lee July 23, 2013

    Your childhood sounds exactly like mine. I watched all the same shows, although I must say I had a propensity for drawing orcas all over my schoolbooks.

  11. Anonymous July 24, 2013

    This is adorable! Loving the jelly shoes.
    I have to say I don't miss my bike pants all that much though, nor scrunchies and beaded chokers 😉

  12. Simply Naturale July 27, 2013

    I love this look reminds me of my childhood I am a 90's kid! You've done this perfectly with the dungarees and the jelly shoes much to my annoyance at the time!
    Love the mini milk ice cream lip Smackers, were my favourite ice cream , chocolate flavour …nom

    Eloise | xo

  13. Purple Ivy July 30, 2013

    Great outfit and well put togethere. I would wear it in a hearts beat.


  14. Rosi February 17, 2014

    Wunderschön, das Outfit würde ich auch genauso nehmen 🙂


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