glassons x petra collins


For their latest collections, Glassons enlisted artist and photographer Petra Collins to shoot one of their new season lookbooks (the other features Staz Lindes). Collins directed and starred in the campaign which is set against a backdrop of retro references in Jersey Shore. The lo-fi imagery perfectly captures that feeling of listless suburban boredom that so often becomes a catalyst for creativity. I’m also liking the abundance of stripes, playsuits, and faded denim in this collection. It’s kind of like Baby-Sitter’s Club gone grunge.

[Images: Glassons]


  1. "Babysitters club gone grunge" such a good description. Im diggin this collection too.
    x Eloise – Jazzlipsandtulips

    • I've had the BSC (oh look at me abbreviating things) on my mind alot as I've been coming up with 90s party costume ideas hahha.

  2. Hannah Hayes July 19, 2013

    Hi Soph, I've been a bit out of the loop with blogs lately and was surprised to find yours looking so different! It looks great though and I love the new name. I for one am all for stirring things up when it comes to layouts and rebranding (in fact I've just finished redesigning my own site!).

    I love Petra Collins' photography. She captures youth and nostalgia so beautifully.

    • Hi Hannah, thanks for the feedback! After years of the same old thing I kind of went the whole hog with re-branding the blog. Loving your new site too. x

  3. Zoë July 19, 2013

    Really nice photographs. I love the two first ones.
    PS Your "new" blog looks amazing!

  4. kaarlijnx-x July 19, 2013

    amazing pictures!

  5. Matthew Pike July 19, 2013

    really like the choice of locations in this shoot

    • When I think Jersey Shore I immediately think of the reality TV show but I quite prefer Petra's take on the locale.

  6. Carolyn July 20, 2013

    Oh my gosh I am in absolutely head over heels in love with these images.

  7. Baby-Sitter's Club gone grunge is probably the best description there has ever been.


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