urban outfitters: festival lookbook

While I’m gearing into prime hibernation mode here in the southern hemisphere, I can’t help but be a tad jealous of all you guys enjoying prime festival season in Europe right now (although maybe not the summer part, since after experiencing an English summer I’ve realised we probably get more sunny days during an Australian winter haha). Anyway, these are just a few campaign images from the Urban Outfitters UK festival lookbook. While there’s not a festival in sight in these photos, you can easily picture such outfits at say Glastonbury or even back home here at Splendour in the Grass. More images after the jump.

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  1. LRB June 20, 2013

    Very editorial, great summer inspirations.


  2. gaby June 20, 2013


  3. eliza June 20, 2013

    This lookbook is so good. I have noooo idea what to pack for Splendour so inspo is always good haha!


    • oooh Splendour is always a bit tricky. One year I went when it was in Byron and it was all mud and rain. Another year in Byron it was dry and hot (only muddy around wet areas like taps ahha). Then in Woodford it was pretty much summery weather. I'd say pack plenty of light layers. So you can add/subtract as you go. Keen to hear how the new site goes!

  4. Janelle Burger June 20, 2013

    ha! im sitting here at my desk waiting for the rain to stop so i can go out and buy food! im sure australia is having better weather than over here 🙁

    • Eeeek. It's been rainy and chilly here in Brisbane but at least it's the season. It seems like Europe is getting the raw end of the deal re: summer.

  5. Rachel, Cold Knees June 20, 2013

    ahh the great British Summer- it's raining in London now. I'm off to Glasto so fingers crossed for more sunshine than mud :/ x

    • Have fun at Glasto! I am insanely jealous of the lineup. I have a friend that's going so can't wait to stalk her photos on facebook. The mud I could handle – it's the rain that got me! And lack of showering facilities ahaha.

  6. kaarlijnx-x June 20, 2013

    amaaazing pictures! ♥

  7. PinkBow June 20, 2013

    Your new blog looks fab! x

  8. Carolyn July 1, 2013

    Oh! This lookbook is splendidly gorgeous!
    I'm weeping at everyone in the northern hemisphere posting about summer. Although, we've had some pretty nice, sunny days here recently 🙂


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