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With the whole rebranding of the blog, I also decided I wanted a fresh new design to go with it. If you haven’t already noticed, the blog underwent a bit of a facelift a few days ago. I’m no design whiz, and am fairly impatient, so I decided fairly early on that I wanted a pre-made blog template. I was after a template that was clean and minimal but that also incorporated a hint of colour. Free templates can be hit and miss, and quite tricky to customise, so I was more than happy to pay for a new template. I was quite lucky that I found Blog Milk Shop early on in my search. Not only are the designs aesthetically pleasing and professional looking, but the whole purchasing process was pain free. It was as simple as choosing a template (and hoping it wasn’t already sold out), paying through Paypal, accessing the file, and uploading it onto the blog. I ended up going with the ‘Rose’ theme, and only made a few adjustments to the column and header sizes in the template. Do you design your own blog themes or have you purchased them from elsewhere? Feel free to share any recommendations in the comments section. I might find them useful one day!


  1. Helena June 22, 2013

    I'm totally going to buy a Blog Milk Shop theme too! They're all so gorgeous and I too feel like it's high time for a change.

  2. lavelle June 23, 2013

    I love your new blog design – I'm going to have a look at Blog Milk now, thanks for the tip xx

  3. Rachel, Cold Knees June 24, 2013

    It looks very nice indeed! I might consider this too.. although need to work out how much it is in £ first!x

  4. Mat June 24, 2013

    this is good to know, looks like a really decent design site

  5. Louise June 28, 2013

    Oh man, your blog looks so good! And although I really liked the 'Owl vs. Dove' name, this really suits your new blog. And I will definitely save that website to my favorites. I usually tweak my own layout, not much though because I am very impatient too and never fully satisfied.


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