I came across this cute sixties-inspired editorial in the May issue of Vogue Australia (although upon further research I quickly discovered it was a reprint from the February issue of Vogue Germany). Retro-themed editorials are a dime a dozen these days, however, that doesn’t lessen their appeal for me. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of retro-styled editorials and campaigns, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be fond of them until they’re no longer the theme du jour. If that ever even happens. Because seriously, how can something that looks this good ever go out of style?*

*Famous last words for every trend, ever.

Photography: Sebastian Kim
Styling: Katie Mossman
Hair: Tuan Ahn Tran
Make-up: Maude Laceppe
Model: Edie Campbell
[Images via Empress of Dress]


  1. They are pretty frequent now, but so good. Maybe its the Mad Men effect, and when the show ends the trend will fade. For now though, its fun to get a little retro inspiration from somewhere new.

    • soph (owl vs. dove) April 24, 2013

      Definitely the Mad Men effect. Will be interesting to see what happens when the show ends (so close!) I think it's the nostalgia that gets to me most when it comes to retro fashion.

  2. Simple Sophie April 23, 2013

    I love this editorial, the photos are so playful which is something we don't see often now. thanks so much for sharing!

    • soph (owl vs. dove) April 24, 2013

      Agreed. It is nice to see 'fun' fashion as opposed to all the glossy, sterile high fashion editorials.

  3. Chantelle April 23, 2013

    That pink pea coat is so so soooo adorable. And reminds me of cotton candy! Hope the aussie weather is treating you well. We're still stuck in what feels like fall/winter weather, so I'm totally bummed about it.

    • soph (owl vs. dove) April 24, 2013

      The coat is exactly what I want to be wearing come winter (although to be honest where I live it's hardly ever coat wearing weather). Hopefully I can find something similar though.

  4. Her Persona April 24, 2013

    the pink coat is amazing!


  5. Sharon May 21, 2013

    Such an amazing editorial … Love 60s fashion and the mod era



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