Hawaiian print tends to get a pretty bad rap. Lately, however, this bold botanical print has been enjoying a comeback of sorts. With summer looming here in Australia (sorry if this is just rubbing it in your face northern hemisphere folk) my mind keeps wandering to bright colours and boisterous tropical prints. Particularly anything pineapple related. Without having to resort to your dad’s Hawaiian shirt, these are a few items that embrace the tropical trend and are, dare I say it, very tropicool.

Clockwise-ish from top left:

Zimmermann Flip Side Tropical Grid Dress
Quay Retro Sunglasses
Holly Ryan Palm Tree Earrings
Holly Ryan Pineapple Ring
Oroton Watermelon Coin Purse
Nail Rock Waikiki Nail Wraps
Modcloth Oyster Bag
Mimi Loves Jimi Leather Sandals


  1. Liya November 10, 2012

    they are too cute! I like the watermelon coin purse;)

  2. Hannah Percyowl November 10, 2012

    I've always seen these prints as 'I'm on holiday in Hawaii/Fiji', and have therefore never indulged – I'm not cut out for island life. The sun is not my friend.
    However I have felt the allure recently – especially with palm prints, and similarly pineapple prints. I bought some palm print togs from ASOS the other day… I'm excited to wear them next weekend. I just need some matching boardshorts… hmm.

    • soph (owl vs. dove) November 11, 2012

      I'm after some palm print pants or a skirt – Maurie & Eve have some awesome prints atm. I have a pineapple print bikini I'm still yet to wear. Hurry up beach weather!

  3. Magali Vaz November 10, 2012

    I get why people don't like traditional Hawaiian (or Goa shirts, as we call them here) because they can seem so campy. But that's one of the reasons why I love them! Everything in this collage looks so pretty, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • soph (owl vs. dove) November 11, 2012

      Last summer lots of hipster guys were wearing Hawaiian shirts at all the music festivals so no wonder it's more mainstream for guys now haha

  4. Beatrycze November 10, 2012

    Great stuff πŸ™‚

  5. jamie-lee November 10, 2012

    Loving these sweet and busy prints – while I'm not sure that I'm bold enough to wear them, I always appreiciate the colour and fun that these kinds of print bring. Those sandals though, ummm yum!

  6. Maddy Whittaker November 11, 2012

    mmm love it all! makes me want summer x

  7. Her Persona November 11, 2012

    the watermelon bag is adorable

  8. Gabby November 12, 2012

    That pineapple ring is awesome! Pretty sure I had a watermelon purse when I was little.. if only i had kept it!


    • soph (owl vs. dove) November 13, 2012

      I swear there are so many things I see now that I think back and go "I'm sure I had something like that as a kid" haha. Also think the pineapple ring is going to be a little Xmas gift to myself – love it!

  9. Lindsey Louise Bales November 14, 2012

    i love the earrings, they are so darling! also, the shell purse is so whimsical and fun!

    lindsey louise

  10. jessica konstantinos November 23, 2012

    im loving the tropical trend at the moment too! also have my eye on that pineapple ring πŸ˜‰



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