inspiration: pop art

There’s nothing quite like flicking through the pages of Pop Art books to lure me out of a creative rut.

1. Pop Art 1955-70 by Henry Geldzahler, Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Remix by Jaklyn Babington
2. My Marilyn by Richard Hamilton against Thinking Nude by Roy Lichtenstein
3. Smoker, I (Mouth 12) by Tom Wesselmann against Shipboard Girl by Roy Lichtenstein


  1. Magali Vaz November 25, 2012

    I've always liked looking at pop art, but I unfortunately didn't take much interest in it other than knowing the names of the prominent artists. Love Roy's work. I definitely nee to put some of these books on my wishlist, thank you for the inspiration!

    • soph (owl vs. dove) November 29, 2012

      It's such an expansive genre when you really dig in. Pick up any Pop Art book and you'll be sweet.

  2. nonnapuffo November 26, 2012

    Pop art is every green

  3. Isa November 26, 2012

    Who doesn't love Lichtenstein? There's a big painting of his above a tunnel in a subway in NY, and it makes me so happy every time I pass it.

    • soph (owl vs. dove) November 29, 2012

      Oh that sounds fantastic. I recently went to an exhibit of some of his works and it was heaven!

  4. Stolen from Grandma November 28, 2012

    pop art makes me so happy 🙂 loveeeeee xxx


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